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Mods crash ??? The Mod Manager and Using Mods help Topic

Here you can get help with applying those different MODifications for Freelancer

Post Sun Dec 28, 2003 8:09 pm

Mods crash ??? The Mod Manager and Using Mods help Topic

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For People new to using Mods here's a few tips.

First... Please Don't Use Mods Online Unless...
Please do not use mods online --UNLESS the server you what to connect to is using the mod you want to play, as you probably know this can cause a lot of problems, even crashing the server... This ruins the fun of the for everyone and don't make the server owner very happy either. Please use only the mod or mod's that the servers news bulletin shows.
The server news shows up on the bottom left side of the server list screen.
((A brief update or summary of current news)) look and see if that Server is running a Mod.
Also don't activate other Mod's just because you can you will, cause the server to crash, get kicked or even banned for using extra Mod's

Note: What the Heck is a Mod Anyway
First I would like to say to the new people that don't know what a Mod is...hey don't laugh, a poll showed that 17% don't know what a mod is and 44% said no I don't care. A Mod is modifying the original game by adding and changing the original contents of the game to hopefully to make it more enjoyable for everyone that plays the game. Think of it as an add on or expansion pack, only it's free.

The Mod utility...The Freelancer Mod Manager
In Freelancer's case were lucky enough to have a person with the talent that IGx89 has to make a program like the Freelancer Mod Manager which makes it much easier to install and uninstall, and activate and deactivate the modifications - MOD's .

I have been seeing a lot of questions and comments about how to install the Mods and also Mods not working. Most of the Mods posted on Lancers Reactor have been tested to try and make sure they work when you download one.

Mod don't work or causes the game to crash
If the Mod does not work - example - it crashes to the desktop - the first thing that is usually causing the problem is your saved games.
1. Try the - Tools - Delete Autosave (might fix startup crash) in the Freelancer Mod Manager.
2. If it still don't work move or delete the files in your saved game folder....

The default location for your saved game folder is in:
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts
Multiplayer and Singleplayer
Delete the files inside those 2 folders.
Why? Because they are not compatible with the modification you just activated most likely by using the Mod Manager for easy installing and activating/deactivating Mods.
Download the Freelancer Mod Manager v1.31 here.

If that fails you have to delete the Freelancer folder first and then reinstall Freelancer.
I say delete because just doing an uninstall don't guarantee that all the files will get deleted by the uninstall routine. So to be on the safe side we just delete the Freelancer folder and then reinstall Freelancer.
The default location for your Freelancer folder is:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer

After you install Freelancer again you should then install the Install the Freelancer QuickFix by Louva-Deus after you install Freelancer and before you activate any Mods.
Some Mods need the QuickFix installed into your Freelancer folder or they wont work, and it don't hurt to install the QuickFix anyway because it fixes some of the bugs in the original Freelancer files.
The QuickFix is an exe file...double left click on the file QuickFix-v1.0c.exe browse to your Freelancer folder (which should be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer) and install the Freelancer QuickFix in that folder.
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer
By default the QuickFix installer will select the default Freelancer folder...
You can download the Freelancer QuickFix here

For questions and comments about the the Mod Manager see The Lancers Reactor > Forums > Freelancer MOD: Freelancer Mod Manager > **UTILITY** Freelancer Mod Manager v1.31

Freelancer SDK
Another nice utility to use for Mod Makers is the Freelancer SDK version 1.3b-sdk_20070313 Not only will It will help to make Freelancer more stable because all the errors in the original files have been fixed...
But the Freelancer SDK is a set of ini files already decompressed into text, making it the only way to modify the ini files.
The Freelancer SDK is for Mod Projects.
Everyone else should install the QuickFix

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Post Sun Dec 28, 2003 8:10 pm

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If you still can't run the mod after trying the Tools - Restore backups in the Freelancer Mod Manager and the Tools - Delete Autosave
You might consider completely ((saved games and all))) uninstalling Freelancer first, and then reinstall. Either uninstall Freelancer or better yet delete the Freelancer Folder. Also delete the files in the save games folders.
The Freelancer Folder is located at:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer - Delete that Folder.
The Saved Game Folder is located at:
My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\Multiplayer and Singleplayer.
Delete all the files in the Multiplayer folder and the Singleplayer folder. You can leave the folder there after you delete the files inside and then just insert the Freelancer disk and reinstall.
What I do after installing Freelancer is install the Freelancer QuickFix v1.0c

Important Make sure the Freelancer Folder is completely empty if you do an uninstall. Sometimes all the files do not get deleted by the uninstall routine if you have been using Mods.
The default location for Freelancer is:
Program Files \ Microsoft Games \ Freelancer
If after uninstalling and reinstalling the Mod still don't work another thing that may be causing the problem is the Mod has a corrupt file so download that Mod again.
Delete the original Mod from the Freelancer Mod Manager, then install the new Mod.
The Freelancer Mod Manager has a Delete mod button, it's on the top right hand side.

If after doing all the above steps it still don't work try a uninstall and reinstall of the Mod Manager.

This is the only way I have found to get the game and the mod to work again.

Installing Mods into the Freelancer Mod Manager
Naturally you have to install the Freelancer Mod Manager first.
Double Left Click on the mod file name or, Right Click on the mod file name and select open with, then select Freelancer Mod Manager main executable If that option is available the mod manager will install the mod and the Freelancer mod manager screen will pop up on your desktop.

Activate the Mod first.
After you have installed the Mod using the Mod Manager activate the mod (or mods) that you want to use, click on 'file' in the mod manager screen then start Freelancer from there. You can also start Freelancer the usual way after you active a mod or mods you want to use in the mod manager.

Installing Very Old Mods
Some of the older Mods don't have the flmod extension. If the mod just has the .zip extension just add .flmod after the .zip
example --- rename the file like this --- now right click on the file name and select
the open with option then select Freelancer Mod Manager main executable
and then wait for the mod manager to tell you that it is installed and ready to activate.

Installing Mods Manually
You shouldn't have to do this...
If you want to install mods manually you have to put each file that comes with the mod into it's correct folder just use the same tree of folders that came with the mod. You may also want to make a backup of the original files at this point by adding the bak extension to the .ini files name.
You can also extract .zip files directly into the Freelancer directory but you have to let your zip program overwrite any original files, so you may want to either move the originals or rename them or add .bak after the files name so you have a backup copy of the ini file. Also you might want to make sure that the files properties are archive and not read only. You can also unzip the mod into the Freelancer Mod Manager\mods folder.

Feedback about the Freelancer Mod Manager
For feedback or questions you can also see that Matthew aka IGX89 has a post in The Lancers Reactor > Forums > Freelancer MOD: >
Freelancer Mod Manager

Repeat important information
If you have had problems with mods crashing try
1. Tools - Restore backups in the Freelancer Mod Manager.
2. Tools - Delete Autosave (might fix startup crash)
3. Move or delete your saved games folder.
4. If it is still crashing you need to do a complete (that is Freelancer and saved games) uninstall of Freelancer then reinstall. Or you can just delete the Freelancer Folder and the saved games folder then reinstall Freelancer. Deactivate any mods that are active in the mod manager first. Check to make sure that the Freelancer Folder was deleted if you run the uninstall routine.
5. Uninstall and Reinstall the Freelancer Mod Manager.

The default location for Freelancer is:
C:\ Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer

The default location for your saved games is:
My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts*Multiplayer and *Singleplayer folders.

- run the UninstallFLMM.exe - to uninstall the Mod Manager, it does have a uninstall option on your ---> Start ---> All Programs --> Freelancer Mod Manager --> Uninstall
The default location for the Freelancer Mod Manager is:
C:\Program Files\Freelancer Mod Manager

Multiplayer Information
To play a multiplayer game on your own computer you need to start the Server program that comes on the Freelancer disk, it installs by default. If you don't have an icon shortcut for it the program is in:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE
Double left click or right click and select open flserver.exe and the server program will start. The Freelancer Mod Manager can also launch the flserver program for you.

FLServer Program

Then launch Freelancer.

Then select Multiplayer

Then select Continue

Then select LAN

Then select Connect

Then New Character ((to create a character)) or Load Character for a previous character that you have been using...

Additional Information
Also some more info concerning Freelancer.
Microsoft DirectX 9.0b Is Available for Download
DirectX 9.0b improves the graphics, security, and performance of your operating system. Download and install this update for your Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP-based system.

For multiplayer (if you use a router)
To make sure that these ports are open or to open these ports, view the router manual to determine how to open these ports. Freelancer Server requires that the following ports be open to play online multiplayer games:
2300-2400 UDP

To host a multiplayer game the 2302-2304 UDP ports are open.

Microsoft game support center.
Microsoft does not support Mods so please don't ask for help about that new Mod that you just downloaded and it don't work or crashes to the desktop.
There is allot of information here about Microsoft games, Freelancer included.
Click here for a link to Microsoft's support page

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Post Sat Jan 03, 2004 8:56 am

I can't install Evolution 1.27. I already made a topic about this earlier. Please help.

Post Sat Jan 03, 2004 12:43 pm

Have you followed all the steps listed in the post.
If you have then I cannot help you.

1. Re-download the mod. You may have a corrupt file.
2. Uninstall Freelancer completely.
3. Reinstall Freelancer.
4. Uninstall the Freelancer Mod Manager.
5. Reinstall the Freelancer Mod Manager.

Post Fri Jan 16, 2004 2:28 pm

Hi im new
anyway i loaded the speed mod on a server that allowed it and it effected all my SP save games so that when i have it deactivated my ships go super fast, do i just need to reboot or do i have to delete all my save games??

Post Mon Jan 19, 2004 5:55 pm

Sounds like you should either make a backup copy or move the singleplayer games folder or just delete it. That's up to you.
Just incase the saved games are located in
My Documents \ My Games \ Freelancer
both singleplayer and multiplayer saved games are in that folder.

Post Sat Jan 24, 2004 3:31 am

Could you tell me where the two planets for the (not so) easy money mod are?

Post Thu Jan 29, 2004 12:33 pm

Hello , I recently tried the FL Demo and I'm going to buy the game, but I've
never used a mod before and I was wondering if I installed the game to a partition other than C:\ (D:\...), what would I need to change to make sure I could run the game with mods? If it's really necessary , I could install to the
usual standard location (C:\ ...,etc.). I really appreciate your posting this thread
for us newbies to modding!
Long Live the Babylon5 TC for Freelancer!!!
[email protected]

Post Thu Jan 29, 2004 1:14 pm

just got a download of the terramod from a friend just how do i open it??
or how do i get this to work with mm9 sort of lost say something about dir..

death is the last great adventure.

Post Fri Jan 30, 2004 6:02 pm

To katoc
I would recomend installing the game to it's default location:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancrer
Most if not all the programs and designed to default to that location.
It will save you allot of headaches.

To spearhead
If the file you have ends in .zip Extract the file you have to a folder and then double left click on the .exe file and it will install the mod into the Freelancer Mod Manager for you then you can activate/deactivate the mod from inside the Mod Manager.

Post Sat Jan 31, 2004 12:30 pm

Okay, I'm a newb modder. I just finished making a script for FLMM that'll turn my Starbeam into a very powerful beam weapon. I happily save it, start up FLMM, and alas, the mod won't activate. Ite's there, but it won activate when told to. I cannot find errors in it, even suing the "How To Make A Mod Work With FLMM" as a tutorial for mod scripts and the "Adv Beam Weapon" as a model (I only used it as a model to make sure that I had teh header in the right format). Here is my script, copied and pasted (with end brackets taken out):

<header name="Simple Yet Powerful Beam" savesafe="true"
Ares:God of War
This simple, available, cheap beam weapon can take out a battleship in half of a second!
P.S. The beam is called the "Starbeam" as I have yet to edit its DLL. It still has the same old Starbeam infocard, also. But try the weapon and, believe me, you won't CARE about the name or infocard!

<data file="data\equipmeant\weapon_equip.ini" method="sectionreplace
nickname = co_gun01_mark01_ammo
hp_type = hp_gun
requires_ammo = false
hit_pts = 2
hull_damage = 14.700000
energy_damage = 0
weapon_type = W_Laser01
one_shot_sound = fire_laser1
munition_hit_effect = ci_laser_01_impact
const_effect = ci_laser_01_proj
lifetime = 0.800000
force_gun_ori = false
mass = 1
volume = 0.000100
lifetime = 0.800000
lifetime = 5.0
hull_damage = 14.700000
hull_damage = 500.70000
energy_damage = 0
energy_damage = 500.70000

<data file="data\equipmeant\weapon_equip.ini" method="sectionreplace"
nickname = co_gun01_mark01
ids_name = 263486
ids_info = 264486
DA_archetype = equipment\models\weapons\li_laser_beam.cmp
material_library = equipment\models\li_equip.mat
HP_child = HPConnect
hit_pts = 400
explosion_resistance = 1.000000
debris_type = debris_normal
parent_impulse = 20
child_impulse = 80
volume = 0.000000
mass = 10
hp_gun_type = hp_gun_special_1
damage_per_fire = 0
power_usage = 4.580000
refire_delay = 0.120000
muzzle_velocity = 750
use_animation = Sc_fire
toughness = 1.200000
flash_particle_name = ci_laser_01_flash
flash_radius = 15
light_anim = l_gun01_flash
projectile_archetype = co_gun01_mark01_ammo
separation_explosion = sever_debris
auto_turret = false
turn_rate = 90
lootable = true
LODranges = 0, 20, 60, 100
muzzle_velocity = 750
muzzle_velocity = 5000
refire_delay = 0.120000
refire_delay = 0.0001


any help is greatly appreciated.

Post Sun Feb 01, 2004 12:30 pm

Never mind. I got it.

Post Tue Feb 03, 2004 9:54 pm

Bakedpotato I run a tng mod and have no probs would like 2 run the reballance mod on another server but whrn I load it up eveything is fine but when I try 2 access the server it crashes BTD sometimes right when I load the char ( most common ) or when I lanch I have done everything I can think of any suggestions???????

have a great day

Post Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:08 am

I'm a complete newb when it comes to downloading mods. Can you give me some help? I don't know how to download the Mod Manager.

Post Thu Feb 05, 2004 11:17 am

To download the Freelancer Mod Manager beta 9 click here.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on:
click here to download....
Decide which folder to download the Mod Manager to....
Maybe make a folder first called Freelancer Mod Manager beta 9 and download it to that folder...
After downloading the FLMMInstallerbeta9.exe file double left click on the file name "FLMMInstallerbeta9.exe" and the Mod Manager will install itself...

Have fun and Happy Hunting.

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