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Post Sun Jan 11, 2004 10:57 am

Hello Chip,

i'm again,...*fg*, and i have new questions. But first i will say, that the 1.27 mod really good works. So that my following questions are only suggestions for the next generations of mods.

1.) The Starting Character
Now it is very simple, you give your name-character at start and fine, but it is really all? I think it were cool if you are able to chooce the beginning system, the faction, and money. The Look/Design of Trent is not so important, but it were a nice upgrade if it were possible to change the figure.

2.) Infocards
Any infocards make problems with the informations. The coloumns are not on the right position and by many upgrades for the powerplants they are missing informations details, like trhuster drain and speed...

3.) Engineering
Its great and better than the german original version, but i had test a clydesdale with a battleship engine. Great !!! the normal speed was by 3000 and the cruise speed far over 300. But the ship will not probably fly, he jump for and back and will very difficult to maneuverable.

4.) Stations
It is possible to buy a whole station and jobbed as stationcommander?

5.) Engineering II
More Different Pieces, like the Rebalance Mod with Fusion injectors, shield cells, improvment bots and any more. I like the equipment details more, as the weapon. The same way for mines and rockets. Do-it-yourself Weapons, with speed, damagerange, seeker and more.

I do not hope I am times again over the goal shot


Post Sun Jan 11, 2004 6:16 pm

I have found some bugs which I'll report now. Most of them are minor mainly in titles and descripnios of certain things.

1. Planet Sprague in Omega-3 is bugged. The only active thing there is the Ship Dealer. You goes there wherever u clicked.

2. The descrition of Ace Pilot is the one of a Second Hand Humback.
3. The Trade Line which u take from the Florida Jump Gate in Texas to the Bering Jump Gate is named - Florida Jump Gate - Hudson Jump Gate.
4. The SlipStream Power Cell has a regenration rate of 1`00 instead of 1100(I think)
5. The SlipStream level 8 Hard poinst are from one side.
6. There is no way to leave BPA Newcastle ( Manchester System ) and the Prison near Hanover ( Hamburg System ) with SlipStream (dunno about other ships) once u have docked in the stations. You always hit the walls during the cutscene and remains inside the station.
7. This is more like e question. Why the Anubis is the most expensive fighter aviable while (according to me) it is a lot weaker then the othe VHF ships?
8. My Zoner's reputation decreased when I completed a misson to kill some Xenos. Shouldn't the Zoners be unaffected by kiling other fractions?

Edited by - Flameseeker on 1/11/2004 6:29:37 PM

Post Sun Jan 11, 2004 7:10 pm

where did chips homesite move to?


Post Sun Jan 11, 2004 11:43 pm

Try downloading my MOD... and you will have the new SLipstream known as the Black Specter in one of my Bases in Omicron ALpha and Gamma

All I do for LOVE

Post Mon Jan 12, 2004 2:31 am

No probs, a few things though

A freighter is NOT supposed to have a capship engine - find it hard to run with 15 second cruise time. Servers (some of) will ban you for that. I will tone down the max speed allowed so you cannot go over a certain amount if necessary. No wonder handling is poor!

I could spend the time to make a station that you could buy - but it will basically be a flying station. Sounds cool huh? Nope, here is why:


Set prices for buy/sell
Make any money
Be a real working base (can cause crashes for numerous reasons)
Move systems to easily
Actually have ANY real command
Charge poeple
Make Money
Decide what your base should sell
Make money
Make money
Make money

So - there we go, basically the idea of buying a base is a gimmic. It won't actually be able to do much - EVEN if i DID make it so you were a working base (where poeple could dock) then you would actually have a major problem anyway - you STILL couldn't do anything. Everyone would moan and complain about not being able to do stuff, and i would have wasted days of work for nothing! lol

I haven't noticed problems with any infocards - and if you read the bug report - its USELESS to just say some are messed up - there are HUNDREDS - do you really expect me to spend a day trying to read all my infocards based upon the first person to report them?? Please - GIVE ME DETAILS!! I am not going to search for a needle in a haystack - lol, however, tell me what the objects are and i will check it immediately - cos i LIKE bug reports - it makes it better

Change the starting character? Yes - for Open SP but NOT for SP story or MP - why? Well - put it this way. When i made some addons for the mod - for SERVERS ONLY - which i must say again - was in BOLD FONT and CAPITAL LETTERS (stands out huh? lol), specifically saying only for servers, i had several hundred downloads. Players were downloading them and installing them, then moaning that they didn't work (they would only do something in SP at that point). So - if i made something to change an OpenSP character - do you know how many poeple would complain that it doesn't work as they cannot see it in Multiplayer. You think i joke? NO - i don't I cannot change the MP costume or name, or starting point - only server admins - and if i made it an option that SAID only for server admins.................i would still get complaints from players that it doesn't work - so again, no.
( add to that, if i did do it, i can garuntee that more would be wanted, as always)

rebalance and this are different. You can upgrade your power supplies, along with everything else. His idea of fuel injector whatevers is the same but different as my upgrades. Yes- i could do the same, but i don't want to - as this is supposed to STILL BE FL OKAY!!! This is not, and NEVER will be, a massive hybrid mod of many sci fi shows. Even the ships that ARE from other things are explained as being made by certain shipyards etc, so that they can be used and so on.

Anyways - get back to me with those objects that have incorrect names, try the new equipment and also try the second hand stuff - adds a new dimension to the game with that crap! lol


Post Mon Jan 12, 2004 2:33 am

Okay - website still there- just no frame anymore- so it really is:

Now - for the fixes at the top of this page......

done them - 1.28 aint too far away

Keep em coming - as many other things might NOT have been done!

Post Mon Jan 12, 2004 12:04 pm

Hi Chips, don't know if this would be for you or the guys at DataStorm. the Halberd and the Kusari VHF don't show. can't find the pets to buy to sell to the outcast, nor the child slaves (that's sooo wrong, but soooo fun in a game).
OH, bought the freighter upgrade 2 and saw the faster regen time. now it's pretty decent. still want to know where the Halberd is.
anybody else found it?
BTW Chips, I have to agree w/ one of the other posters.
YOU ARE A MINEFIELD WHORE! I'll bet you're grinnin' yer fool head off.
I seriously am gonna need a whole day w/ nothing else to do. that's why I want the Halberd.
the Testudo w/ 9 nomad cruise disruptors, kinda fun.

If I'm not here accepting the things I cannot change, I'm off somewhere ranting and raving about not being God.

Post Mon Jan 12, 2004 1:42 pm

Ah - the Halberd is coming in 1.28 - and the kusari VHF is the serpentail - it is basically an upgraded dragon. Manily cos unfortunately i cannot make ships, and so few ships are what i am actually looking for.

Post Mon Jan 12, 2004 1:53 pm

To Flameseeker in this game when you kill Xenos it will effect the Zoners don't know why but it does I know this because I like to kill Xenos because it also makes a alot of other ones happy so it is a good way to get a round giving money out to up your rep.

Post Tue Jan 13, 2004 12:30 pm

I have a large problem, I want to play this mod more than anything, but I can't open it up, I have the latest FLMM version, but I get an error when I try to install the mod on it. I also get an error when opening the mod up as a zip. I have downloaded the mod several times from this website and have gotten corrupt files every time. Is there any other place to download the mod from?

Post Tue Jan 13, 2004 12:36 pm

Chips: could you include the Griffon VHF that comes w/ the new Importer?
it's coloration is way funny looking.
for those who read this and are a quick hand at texturing. how about one of those selection mods where you can choose your ship color?
how about plaid?
" neon pink?
" camoflauge?
" stark white?
" anything really obnoxious you can think of?
" blatant corporate logos? ' have a synth and a smile".
" Oucast ships w/ the S.O.R.C.L. sticker....the Sirius Organization for the Reform of Cardamine Laws.

If I'm not here accepting the things I cannot change, I'm off somewhere ranting and raving about not being God.

Post Tue Jan 13, 2004 12:50 pm

Yes - please go to - and go to downloads. I am still working on the site whilst making mods too - so forgive the 'mess' so to speak! lol

Post Tue Jan 13, 2004 1:05 pm

Yeah I went to the site just several minutes after posting, and I am now downloading the mod from there. I did notice that the download here was 9480 KB, and the download at your website was 9755 KB.

Post Tue Jan 13, 2004 2:31 pm

Have had a chat with baked - he is gonna try to fix it .

Don't forget to download the patch - its on the same page as the main download!

Post Tue Jan 13, 2004 9:48 pm

Hay, Shawn about the lack of thruster power for the freighter, if its got dual thrusters it can out run anything, dual thrusters basicly add their speed x2 to whatever your ship originally went at thus you can reach the original cruse speed with afterburners alone. they may not be great for dog fighting, but its a freighter, use engine kill and you GLIDE at cruse speeds, just gotta keep toping it off. Btw, everyone knows about the AI bug where the nme's dont like you looking at them while gliding away, right? (love thy engine kill - shelton slide - imo this one option is what made the game [not the AI bug, but the option to glide.)

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