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Were can I get DS??

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Post Mon Feb 21, 2005 3:11 pm

Were can I get DS??


I would like to know if there is any demo or a free verison of this game, Im thinking of geting DS 2 but I ushaly try to play the vershen before I get a game, or a demo of it!


Post Mon Feb 28, 2005 6:21 pm

A good deal on DS is DSLOA(Dungeon SIege Legends Of Aranna). This gives you the original plus the expansion for 30$ (unless you live in UK). There is also a demo you should be able to find it somewhere on the net(Iknow PCGAmer had it on thier GTA3 issue CD it's probably on thier site (

Post Mon Feb 28, 2005 6:42 pm

If you have DSL or cable, you can download the demo HERE. Its 197mbs in size. A lot of stores carry the full versions, though I can't speak for your neck of the woods.

Post Tue Mar 29, 2005 7:31 pm

Wal-Mart, $10 US, Well worth it. I got it this morning actually, just need to get my savegame from a friend and I'm back in business.

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