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Best DS mods?

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Post Thu Nov 18, 2004 1:19 pm

Best DS mods?

so who's played DS mods/TCs and what's the best u've seen (maybe we can get these put in the downloads section )

so far i've player the LOA quest (i suppose that cocunts as a mod?) the Special XP users bonus pack... which is basically a very free but very short sequel to the LOA quest. also played the lightsaber mod (mmm.... lightsabers...) which also has armour etc. as well. hmm... i can't remember the TC i plaed... but its like a futuristic TC where you crashland on a planet and fight off a whole lot of dudes with machine guns... and the general has an RPG, which you can steal once you've kiled him lol. anyone else played any other good mods or TCs?


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Post Thu Nov 18, 2004 8:30 pm

Hello Battlestar, and welcome. Please allow me to refer you to a similar thread I started about 10 days ago.


I recommend you check out Lands of Hyperborea (there's a link to it in the other thread). Just so you know, the TC you're talking abut is Copperhead: Retaliation.

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