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So who''s in your party?

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Post Fri Nov 12, 2004 7:57 pm

So who''s in your party?

Who's in your party?

I've got two guys, armed with magic axes at the moment, doing melee up front. Then I've got an archer standing in the back of all the battles, relentlessly pouring arrows into the enemies. Standing further back still is a nature mage and a combat mage; the nature mage is set to autocast Healing Winds to heal my whole party and my combat mage is using Soul Lance. Finally, there are two packmules that sit around uselessly. My party does pretty well, although I think I should drop one (or both?) of the packmules and add in two more party members. What's your suggestion?

Post Fri Nov 12, 2004 8:05 pm

what dificulty are you playing it in? and im sure that party is more than adiquate, any more power would just be noring... but thats just me, im playing normal with one character right now im in the first jungle on the island (the area with the hassats... whatever its called... lol shes to level 12 melee, 11 ranged, and 2 nature (healing and charged fists, keep the charged fists cast constantly gives +2 melee damage =D) so yeah, back to what i was saying, stick with the party, or get rid of a mule if they get too annoying...


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