Post Wed Aug 18, 2004 7:53 am

Minor Bug in Evo 1.28 patch 1.02

A couple of weeks ago I installed Evo 1.28 (without a total new install) and did the campaign again. Worked fine with one exception: When landing on Toledo my ship changed first "in the movie" and then in the game into a Starflier (!). So I now have a picture showing me arriving at Toledo with a starflier. I am very proud of that - LOL.
This experience forced me to do a total new install of FL, FLMM and Evo 1.28 patch 1.02.
But - after finishing the campaing - I landed on Planet New Berlin and this happened: the Infocard said I could buy the humpback freighter (the fighters were not buyable - not friendly enough). During the process of purchase the info remained: humpback. But the profile, weapon points and the ship itself during the flight in open space is a rheinland fighter (Banshee).
I could repeat this several times (after reloading former save games).
So I am quite sure that there is a minor bug in the shipyard of New Berlin.

Long post for small problem, isn't it ?

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