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server (@term0shad/lighting/wam

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Post Mon Jul 05, 2004 9:09 pm

server (@term0shad/lighting/wam

-The use of mods other than Evolutions is forbidden. [UN members will be patrolling and scanning players to check for mods. Please report any cheaters to a [UN member. Any tips that lead to the apprehension of cheaters will be rewarded by the server admin. When a [UN player asks you to stop and be scanned, you must do as they say. If you run or kill a [UN member you will be banned.

-Exploiting bugs found within the mod to advance your character is cheating. This includes mounting Capital Ship components on Fighters, trade routes that pay millions for five minutes work, and changing engines between ships. If it's too good to be true, or just doesn't seem right, it's a bug. Any bugs that are found are to be reported to a [UN member, Kirghiz, Chips, Mwift, or posted in the "Bug report" forum.

-Do not attack players as they are coming out of dock, jump gates, or trade lanes before they have control of their ship.

-PVP, Taxing, Tolling, Intimidating, or otherwise bullying players rank 30 or under in Liberty (New York, Colorado, California, and Texas) is forbidden. Outside of Liberty is fair game however.

-Impersonation of other players is not allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS

-No more than three characters are allowed at one time in your account. This is to make it easier for the admin to search the accounts for mods. Any extra characters will be deleted. This will be determined by the one that has the least amount of time logged on it.

-Each player account is only allowed to be a member of one clan at a time. This is to prevent theft or fraud of clan funds, and to make it easier for the admin to know who are in what clans. If you have multiple computers, than each MP id may join one clan each, but each account may only join one.

-transferring money from your developed characters to your newer characters to kick start that characters development is not allowed.

-Characters left unplayed over 30 days will be deleted. Also, any characters that have less than 30 minutes logged on the server will be deleted.

mess with the best die like the rest or be terminated from the shadows

Post Mon Jul 05, 2004 9:11 pm

looking for new pepole also have team speak up fpr the server

systems can be owned by clans

clans get start bonus just email me about your clan n member or post at

this is a role play server so if you follow your chossen role you will get rewarded

mess with the best die like the rest or be terminated from the shadows

Post Tue Sep 07, 2004 7:40 pm

this week end i will be giving stuff out to help new player cash or gear its the players call also i would like some more clans to stop by if they r looking for a new home server

so if you r looking for a server with an admine on at least 1 a day to check on every one n to hunt with or chase come on hope to see you all

also all files from Gibbens server i have now if you use to play there n your file dont pop up when you log on

make a charater like this (term0shad-test )

then i will manualy add your charater file in you may log on n keep charater on till done or just make it like i posted above n i will fix by week end for you

mess with the best die like the rest or be terminated from the shadows

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