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Will other mods work with Evolutions 1.27?

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Post Mon Feb 02, 2004 8:27 am

Will other mods work with Evolutions 1.27?

If so, then which ones, is there a list anywhere? Are all the mods in 'mod manager' that don't show a possible/incompatible colour ok to use? I read that Chips said don't use any others with his?

Can anyone help a confused Freelancer?


Post Tue Feb 03, 2004 5:30 am

Firebases ship mod is 100% compatible, although it will say its not. I assume that cause it changes some backgrounds only, that Realspace lite is (haven't checked it out), and ships that are in scripting might be. Note the might, cause the starviper and other ships have the same nickname in my mod as in the aps shippack.

Other large mods will definately NOT be compatible - at all.

Ships should be okay, but a general rule of thumb - if the ship is in their already, then its not compatible. Firebase has some ships in their, but in his LATEST edition of the mods, he has renamed them in the shiparch.ini file - which means that they WON'T be incompatible at all - they will work 100%

Apart from that - openSP will work, and maybe a few others, but i raelly doubt it. Nearly all files i have edited have changed values, therefore, when you have some mods that change speed for example, activating them - they won't find the correct place cause i changed it etc. This will happen for lots of ship mods too - as they will search for ship selling points, but they are just not there, as my market_ships.ini is edited down to make it easy .

So, i only know two that are, OpenSP and Firebases stuff. Even MY openSP mods aren't compatible!

Post Tue Feb 03, 2004 3:52 pm

Thanks Chips for the reply.... However

Can my old SP saved games from the previous 1.27 work with your updated 1.27?
Can I copy the previous 1.27 saved gamed into the new 1.27 saved folder (once I create one), or do I have to restart the game?
Actually now I've had a look at all this extra equipment, I don't mind starting it again, it even says 1.27 on the main screen now... It only said ver1.0 with the older 1.27.. hmm did I have the old one installed correctly, I didn't see al this cool equipment before... I wish I knew what it all did lol?


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Post Wed Feb 25, 2004 7:31 pm

@hengist, I've not had a problem using a 1.27 > 1.27updated saved game. haven't tried the reverse.
eoa's real space lite w/ the extra options set to 'disabled' will work w/ chips mod. updated or not.
speed mod works just fine.
sam's jump system will load w/ chips mod but a few things get screwy. I tried it them left it alone as you can buy nomad weaps (somewhere) in chips mod.

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