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Setting First Admin in FLShell 1.0.3

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Post Wed Jun 14, 2006 5:23 pm

Setting First Admin in FLShell 1.0.3

Unfortunatly, it seems that the modder's website for FLShell has vanished and I am left clueless!

I see all the wonderful admin functinos FLShell can do for my server but unfortunatly I have no idea how to set the first administrator so that I may grant admin rights down the line! Since I see no visible console to interact with I am clueless on how to go about making this change.

Thanks for any and all help!

Post Thu Jun 15, 2006 7:40 am

2 ways:

1. Go into the player folder and copy and paste "name" in the same folder. Rename the copy of it to: Admin.

2. Go into flshell.ini and find line: setadmin, Set AdminCommand = yes to no. Then go in-game and type /setadmin (your name here) and then change the flshell.ini back to AdminCommand = yes.

Both require restart of server to take effect

Post Thu Jun 15, 2006 7:56 am

Well I tried the later of the two suggestions and tried adding myself as admin in game after editing the INI but when I attempted to I got no messages however the admin functions seemed to work fine. When I tried a seperate character of mine it had the same powers, yet I had not granted them to this character.

Any ideas?

Also: In your first suggestion I don't understand where the player files your talking about are located. Are they the ones in FLShell or the ones in Multiplayer under Accts? And which file do I duplicate, Mine?

Thanks very much for your help, I'm completly baffeled!

Post Fri Jun 23, 2006 6:29 pm

when you setadmin you setting it for the multiplayer acc not the individual char

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