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Client crashes after docking on my server

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Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 5:47 am

Client crashes after docking on my server

Hello guys,

this is the problem:
I start a server with my PC and I and my freind can connect quite normally. But my friend's Freelancer says, that the operation is taking longer than expected if he undocks from a planet and then crashes him to Windows.
If he clicks abort while waiting for this taking-longer-thing, he can see the HUD, the map and waypoints (mission), but has a black universe. Then the game frozes and he has to close it with Task Manager. The character then can't be startet any more and he has to create a new one.

He can dock and undock at any other servers online with no problems. Me too.
But he can't dock on my server.

I started a Server with my second PC and the problem wasn't there, but this one is so weak it can rarely keep the server going.

So, have you any clue why he cant dock on my own server?

I am using Windows XP (SP2), Firefall and Ports are configured correct.
If you need any other Infos, just ask.
We reinstalled both the game quite often, also deleted all of the folders on the pc betweeen the reinstalls, what can I do else?

Thanks very much!

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Post Fri Nov 09, 2007 11:31 pm

This sounds like a connection problem, how is your friend's PC connecting to your server? If it's through a LAN you can also make your server available to the internet and let him try that way.

Can any other friend connect to your server through the Internet, to be sure your firewall is set up correctly?

If not, then remember you must have "Microsoft DirectPlay8 Server" as an Exception in the firewall settings too, as well as "Freelancer.exe" and "FLServer.exe".

To do that:- right-click on a network connection icon in your task bar System Tray & select "Change Windows Firewall Settings", then click the "Exceptions" tab and look down the list to find "Microsoft DirectPlay8 Server".

If it is there then click on it, click "Edit...", click "Change scope..." and ensure "Any computer (including those on the internet)" is selected, and click OK, then "OK", then "OK" again to close the Firewall window.

If it is not there, click "Add Program...", click "Browse...", go to Windows\System32 folder and find the file "dpnsvr.exe". Double-click it and click "OK", if you are prompted with "Change Scope" select "Any computer (including those on the internet)" and click OK again, then "OK", then "OK" again to close the Firewall window.

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Post Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:32 am

We weren't able to test it with another one yet, because were only two.
We try it through Internet, not LAN. And he and me can both connect to other games in the network.
I use ZoneAlarm and all of these three programs are free for all.
But also if I disable my firewall it won't work.

It really looks like a strange error.


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