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SP space graphics aren''t showing

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Post Wed Sep 19, 2007 6:17 pm

SP space graphics aren''t showing

Hey all,

I tried playing SP again after a while and any space graphics (such as the opening cutscene of the destruction of FP9) will not show. The text and movies, such as the one of Trent landing on Manhattan, still work. But after that if I go into space, I just see black. Multiplayer works fine. It's just singleplayer. I remember posting this a while ago but it seems it got deleted...

Post Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:59 pm

nothing you post here ever gets deleted only if you delete it just gets pushed back . you have to change your preferences theres a selection on the right side of the forums just scroll down to show all topics. ok try a fresh install of freelancer because some mods mine included cut the movies out. so try a deep fresh install by that i mean get rid of my documents my game folder then go into c: program files microsoft games freelancer and delete it . then start over again.

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