Post Sat Jul 14, 2007 6:37 pm

Advanced Error Logging?


Currently, my freelancer.ini has the following:

;EMAURER these four should remain as set.
log = $Window, 65540 ; alert all asserts
log = $Window, -1 ; alert all errors (SEV_ERROR=1)

;EMAURER comment out lines below to vary the amount of output spew.

log = $Text, 65536, 1 ; 65536 means 'don't care' about kind value.
; 5 refers to TRACE_LEVEL_5. means report all messages
; with severity of 5 or less. lower the number, more severe
; the message. WARNINGS are at level 2. reduce for less spew.

;log = $Text, 'R' ; Render Pipeline
;log = $Text, 'n' ; SERVER.DLL
;log = $Text, 'w' ; minor general problems
;log = $Text, 'I' ; incoming packet transmission
;log = $Text, 'O' ; outgoing packet transmission
;log = $Text, 'i' ; instance creation related messages (mass, MOI, equip)
;log = $Text, 'r' ; significant attitude/reputation events (show results of AdjustAttitude calls)
;log = $Text, 'a' ; detailed info regarding loading/unloading of archetypes.
;log = $Text, 'c' ; report server-side events sent to contollers
;log = $Text, 'm' ; mission-generated messages
;log = $Text, 's' ; log second thread activity
;log = $Text, 'f' ; report file opens/closes
;log = $Text, 'e' ; explosion/fuse messages
;log = $Text, 'd' ; damage messages
;log = $Text, 'A' ; reload console command messages


What I'm wondering is, what do I manually adjust here to increase the number of things logged to disk? I'm asking because this is a modded Freelancer, so I can't just slap in the modified freelancer.ini from the QuickFix 1.0c.