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Freelance RB 3.30 bug reports, comments and tips thread

Here you can find news, get help and comment about the ?FL Rebalance Mod? for Freelancer

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 3:12 am

Freelance RB 3.30 bug reports, comments and tips thread

Here's whats newly added, fixed or replaced in version 3.30 of the Rebalance mod:
-the Starblazer, the missing FL civilian fighter, becomes now the starter ship. And with 4 guns plus one missile launcher you'll have enough firepower at least for the first missions. I do recommend that you change it before mission 3 though(or 4 if you think you're that good ).
-totally changed and re-designed the cluster missiles as folows:
-now using both ammo and energy
-the normal type is doing half the damage of the original missile.
-the only difference between the normal and homing versions is the better tracking abilities and muzzle velocity of the homing missiles.
-ammo costs one third of the original missiles
-mines are also totally revamped in terms of speed and damage power. Normal mine now have 100 m/s max speed, while the homing versions has 120 m/s. The explosion damage goes from 1500 for the Drone to 6000 to the Screamer.
-this has been done on so the mines can keep up with the speeds of the ships, which is arround 100-110 m/s.
-the Damocles BattleCruiser is now flyable and sold on EFA. Thanx to lukr from our LR forums for the tips to fix it.
-EFA police also uses this ship along with the other three(Naginata, Tempest and Javelin). They're not longer using Liberty capships anymore.
-prices for these capships are significantly increased, from 9000k for the Naginata to 54000k for the Damocles.
-added the Starhound Colonial Viper, made by RubberEagle, buyable on BS Yukon and Mississippi, along with its Laser-Torpedo guns.
-added the Predators civilian fighters from Level 2 mod to Planet Denver and Planet Cambridge.
-added two ships from Firebase's ship pack: the Death Scythe HF and the Raven Claw assault fighter. They're sold in Bretonia.
-added pilots as commodity, any ship will have one, and some will eject when their ship is destroyed.
-fixed the Gallofree medium Transport, added a second shield and a second thruster to it, armament is now 1/8 guns/turrets. Thanx to Crymson for making these changes.
-changed the graphics for different types of pirate/house guns, not all pirate guns are using the LI laser graphics anymore. Tachyon guns have their own graphics, Neutrons as well and so on. Guns have a personality now.
-the Blood Dragons special weapon use different graphics now than in previous version. the Kusari photon cannons and the Hyperpulse also have new graphics.
-the Molly's Dublin Dusters fire faster in order to match their house specifications. The Rheinland Stealthblades do more damage as well.
-added new tradelanes in the most logical places, like the crossed one in NW, linking Fort Bush/Baltimore with Westpoint and Planet Manhattan with BS Missouri/Norfolk. I'll let you discover the others.
-added some secret Zoner bases in the Omicron Systems, selling the newly added Borderworld XR series of ships(HF, VHF and FRT). Go search for them!
-the infinite super-strafe is not an option anymore, powerfull strafe thrusters consume the same energy like normal thrusters, and consume a lot!
-fixed some infocards errors regarding the Jedi Starfighter's and Bwing's cargo ot showing corectly at buy time.
-fixed the ship dealers on Southampton shipyard and Yanagi depot.
-changed the graphics for the beam weapons of the Javelin and Damocles, the ones who will play SP campaign last three missions will surely recognize them!
-no more radar jammer crashes, this bug is gone.

credit list for v3.30 and above:

-Astral Prime Studios: the APS Starviper, APS Hornet and the Cougar ships.
-Silver Fire: for its weapon pack:EMP mines, cluster missiles, cruise missile, sniper interdictor missile, rocket pods and mass drivers
-Porsche: Starwars ships creator, like the A-wing, Bwing, Ywing and Millenium Falcon
-Free Spirit: for its own Millenium Falcon
-Redeye: the Elite ship pack, and the Tachyon 5 ships, the Archangel and Battleaxe.
-Caid: Freespace ships creator.
-Konind: for the Antaeus heavy fighter.
-RubberEagle: Starhound Colonial Viper and the Laser-Torpedo guns.
-Paul: for it's own collection of special Freelancer ships, from the X-fighter to Raven, Whale and Thunderbird.
-Duriel_LOP: code for docking large ships such as Battleships
-Crabtree Corporation Network: the Homeworld ships.
-Firebase: member of FightSpace team, for the Slipstream, Ghost, Death Schyte and Raven Claw ships.
-Wanderer:creator of the: Naginata, Tempest and Javelin, also member of Fightspace team
-MikeA1: for the Entreprise NX1
-Kurgan: Ships from Kurgan's mod, like the Z-95 Headhunter, Phoenix, Gargoyle and Hawk
-John Hawke: Wing commander ship: the Hornet.
-Giskard: the Bab5 and other Fighters, like Starfury, Bab5 Thunderbolt, Soulstealer and Starviper(from Galactica series).
-Knight79: for the Ship Components mod.
-Tassiin: creator of the GSM mod, for some graphics and UI sounds that were used.
-Crymson: modified/fixed the Gallofree Rebel Medium Transport to have less HP's but more shield slots and thursters. It's a real Blockade Runner now, just like the Corvette.
-my gang from the forum: Gameshark, Toco, Thurmonator, Ether Dragon, Star Nova, Shadowtech, Lukr, Crymson and many others for their sugestions, codes, and addons that made Rebalance so complex and enjoyable. thnx guys.

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 4:03 am

I am having this strange problem where when i destroy the enemy's shield, leaving only the hull, when my bolts hit the ship they like criss-cross and pass through, not damaging the ship at all. This was most noticable on Rhineland ships (in SP).
Also, on that mission after leaving the lane hackers base and rhineland vessels appear, when i destroy a Rhineland bomber i blow up instead . Thanks in advance for any help.

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 5:56 am

That's a common problem on custom ships that lack a proper surface definition and have to use one of the existing original ones. these do not match exactly the new ships contour so your shots may hit some "phantom" areas. there is still possible to score hits on these ships but harder. Also missiles, cluster missiles, cruise missiles and mines have full effect here so use these in case you can't kill'em with the guns.

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 7:27 am

i used cluster missiles to go through the whole campaign it's espiacially good with lambada shuttle

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 11:03 am

that's a good choice naminator, you might wanna check the new and improved mines. from the brutal damage of the normal mines, combined with decent tracking abilities, to the high speed and muzzle velocity of the homing mines, it's all in one deadly package.

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 1:22 pm

GREAT mod!

I've enjoyed it tremendously and give many thanks to the creator for taking the time and effort to do so.

However, is it possible to get a list of the ships and their locations of purchase? Not everyone likes that whole "go out and explore the galaxy" quest to find whatever niche an included ship has been shoe horned in to for each and every ship.

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 4:02 pm

A couple of things:
One: We just discovered what happens when the Mollys decide to blow up Stokes in the Leeds sector while someone is docked there, and that person tries to undock from the now destroyed station. The server crashes.

Two: Having to purchase ammo for the cluster missiles sucks. It defeats the purpose of owning them. Up the energy consumption or something, but they're utterly useless when they become black holes for money.

Three: Can you change the name of "Bobba's Firespray" to "Firespray Attack and Patrol Craft" or something? It's proper name (Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-class Patrol and Attack Ship) would just look a bit more professional. As it is, anyone flying one looks like they just carjacked Boba Fett for his ride, or is borrowing it while their ship is in the shop. And if not, could you at least fix the spelling of Boba. The mispelling makes the star wars nerd in my heart cry.

Edited by - Father OSnap on 2/15/2004 7:48:22 PM

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 7:13 pm

michael !! Outstanding !! I have 3 of your mods the 3.12full the 3.20full running on one of my servers ( dosent get mutch play nobody likers the cruise engine drain ) and now I am playing the 3.30 .hopefully u fixed the lost jumphole prob from 3.2 would b nice 2 explore ite new systems and actually b able 2 leave them this time.

I am currently flying the conolial viper mk2 very nice I will try to play through with this ship I usually pick up the crusader on the BS in Britonia the special 1 love that ship it would b nice if u could purchase it in NY space would really add to the way u played the game

I would also like 2 see shields matched 2 the ships better if it maxes at 5 then it should have a five pre_loaded

I can only hope that u keep modden your work is very good

have a great day

Post Sun Feb 15, 2004 11:48 pm

Seems to be a small bug with the Dagger XR. It seems to be missing 1 level 6 hardpoint and 1 turret hardpoint in flight, but you can buy weapons for those hardpoints at the dealer.

Post Mon Feb 16, 2004 12:54 am

thanx for the reports guys.
Caelistis, the complete list of ships, equipment, commodities and other new things added in RB 3.30 can be obtained by running FL Datastorm 3.4 posted Lancers a few days ago. I'm gonna send a copy of the database to Baked and ask him to post it along with the mod.

Father Osnap, the server crash when a station with a person in it is destroyed is well known. perhaps if that person disconnects and re-connects this error can be bypassed?
the ammo for cluster missiles cost only 1/3 than the normal version, and pardon me but NOT having ammo for them sucks hard.... they're not plasma missiles but normal physycal warheads. It's just unrealistic.
Yes i know the name for the Firespray class Patrol&Attack ship is the one you mentioned, i am a SW fan too, played XWA way too many times but still I enjoy it. that was the name Porsche gave for the ship, i just imported it's ids infocards, but i can change it, np bout that.
thanx Drkmatter i'm glad you enjoy the mod so much. The colonial viper mk2 is a deadly ship if armed with 4 laser-torpedo guns...
Sry, the Crusader can't be available in NY since is a the Bretonian Armed forces ship. If i load a max class shield on a given ship, the player will have no reason to upgrade it. so i think one class lower is better.
Seer, i noticed the Dagger XR problem a few days ago. it's the same thing that hapened to the sabre XR when it was first created by its author. I'll see what i can do to fix it...if it is fixable.

Post Mon Feb 16, 2004 1:17 am

ok, my friends and I always whore around Malta in Freelancer, plus, after talking to some friends, I heard the Javelin cruiser was there, so im like, ok, spent a couple of hours with my friends getting moolah up so we could buy one, and bam, we go there, do some missions, get our rep up, and we go to buy the ship. and oh guess what, it kicks us out when we try to launch for 'possible cheating detected', this is on our own server, so I figured, 'hey, try resetting it, try again' tried again, same thing, I made a new character and used IONCROSS server manager and hacked this new character with the money needed and the rep needed, and got to malta, tried again, same thing, kicked me out... tried going to Planet Crete to buy the Torpedo Cruiser there, same thing. so... any idea whats up with that? we were really pumped to have some fun with battlecruisers

Post Mon Feb 16, 2004 1:27 am

What server runs FLRebelance 3.30?

do or die

Post Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:23 am

me to id like to be able to go on MP with this great mod but cant find a server running at the moment.

Post Mon Feb 16, 2004 2:45 am

ok i found a server rebelance 3.30 but the problem is im doing missions for the junkers with a difficultyof 2 and i get attackedby FIRESPRAYS its impossible ot make it with a patriot!

do or die

Post Mon Feb 16, 2004 3:23 am

nobody knows, don't pick missions against the bounty hunters, they got Firesprays at low level indeed. do missions vs the Xenos and you'll earn some nice money plus you'll get your rep increased with all factions(except the Xenos of course).

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