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Post Sun Apr 08, 2007 6:52 pm


Is there a way to come exit closer to your jumphole instead of 300-400 away?
I would like to exit my jumpholes within 50 if that is possible?

Post Mon Apr 09, 2007 1:04 am

thats hardcoded
same as the jumpgates

but maybe there is a workaround if you definy the jumphole solar as station (dunno if you still will be able to jump then... but its worth a try)

Post Mon Apr 09, 2007 5:17 am

Well, with a custom jumpgate, you can move the hardpoint for the exit part so it is closer.

Requiem: A Total FL Conversion Mod .

Post Mon Apr 09, 2007 9:08 am

to my knowledge the exit point and the point where you really come out is different and random for a gate

its either left or right of the exit point... jumpholes have even more random points

its like you set up a exit point (hardpoint) and FL calculates a bunch of new exit points around the original one

Post Mon Apr 09, 2007 1:10 pm

Actually, I don't know if you've experimented with Dev's Freelancer Limit Breaking 101 techniques, but I found the offset in common.dll that defines what I think you're looking for.

2000f in common.dll, 0x13E678 = how far behind a jumpgate a player will be spawned. From this point, the player will be thrown forward at exceptional speed until he/she has reached the gate.

If you were, for instance, to set this value to, say, 100000, you'd enter the system 100000m behind the jumpgate and get to see yourself warping forward at amazing speed until you reach the jumpgate - pretty cool, actually, but if you set it too high you'll enter the system too far from the center and instantly explode. 100000m works well enough, and it's cool to see the system rushing at you at about 50Km/sec =P

I haven't found the offset for the normal 1.0 DLLs yet, as I pretty much work with the 1.1 ones only. If you'd like, I can find that for you.

Edit: Oops, sorry. I just re-read the post and saw this wasn't what you're looking for.

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