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CIVIL WAR between Blood Dragons & GC

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Post Fri Mar 16, 2007 5:52 am

CIVIL WAR between Blood Dragons & GC

Okay is the deal.
I've seen tutorials on faction editing and changing reputations.
But, this is what I've kind of stumbled into and could sure use some helpful feedback on this one.
In this particular mod I am working on, I need to change the alliance between the Blood Dragons and GC in such a way that they are now at civil war with each other.
(Kisiro Technologies & Samura Industries, Kusari Navy & Kusari Police are now divided between the Blood Dragons and GC having been forced to choose sides) Now, where ever you go in Kusari, you see interfighting between the corporations and factions. As well as when ever they come across each other in other systems, they'll fight each other.
Now, consider the overall implications and impact this will have with the other house lawfuls and unlawfuls. I suspect this will create a type of overall chaos in Sirius...which is ripe for the nomads and their allies.
BACKGROUND: Since the defeat at Dyson City, Lord Hakkera became Shogun of the Kusari people, until his assasination at the hands of the Golden Crysanthemums (GC) . The Blood Dragons, who base objective was to re-establish the "old ways" before the Edo dynasty came into power. The GC's base objective was nearly the same except that their intentions were to establish a matriarchal shogunate. In this case, they succeeded when they assasinated Shogun Hakkera and assumed power over Kusari. Since this was in direct conflict with the ideals the Blood Dragons, a political civil war ensued.

So far, I've seen a little bit on the tutorials on how to make factions friendly to all but one. But I've not seen how to change the relationships between such as the Blood Dragons and GC to be hostile to each other as well as change the overall Kusari alliances to create this type of chaos.
Any helpful advice/guidance would be appreciated.

Post Sat Mar 17, 2007 6:07 am

Just do it the way you make 'em friendly - only make their relationships negative (-0.99 instead of 0.99)

Post Sun Mar 18, 2007 5:08 am

I once made a MOD that made Liberty Police and Liberty Navy killing everyone who came into their area (including corporations) and they were allied with nomads.

Post Fri Mar 30, 2007 5:25 am

Here's what you have to do:

Open up: ....\Freelancer\Data\initialworld.ini

Find the entry of the Blood Dragons (fc_bd_grp)
There should something like this:

nickname = fc_bd_grp
ids_name = 196876
ids_info = 66184
ids_short_name = 196924
rep = 0, li_n_grp
rep = 0, li_lsf_grp
rep = 0, li_p_grp
rep = 0, br_n_grp
rep = 0, br_p_grp
rep = -0.65, ku_n_grp
rep = -0.65, ku_p_grp
rep = 0, rh_n_grp
rep = 0, rh_p_grp
rep = 0, co_alg_grp
rep = 0, co_be_grp
rep = 0, br_m_grp
rep = 0, co_nws_grp
rep = 0, co_hsp_grp
rep = 0, co_ic_grp
rep = 0, co_khc_grp
rep = 0, co_kt_grp
rep = 0, rh_m_grp
rep = 0, co_me_grp
rep = 0, co_ni_grp
rep = 0, co_os_grp
rep = 0, co_rs_grp
rep = -0.65, co_shi_grp
rep = 0, co_ss_grp
rep = 0, co_ti_grp
rep = 0, co_vr_grp
rep = 0.91, fc_bd_grp
rep = 0, fc_b_grp
rep = 0, fc_c_grp
rep = -0.65, fc_fa_grp
rep = 0, fc_g_grp
rep = 0.91, fc_gc_grp <----------------------Change this!!!
rep = -0.65, fc_h_grp
rep = 0, fc_j_grp
rep = 0, fc_lh_grp
rep = 0, fc_lr_grp
rep = 0, fc_lwb_grp
rep = 0, fc_m_grp
rep = -0.3, fc_ou_grp
rep = 0, fc_rh_grp
rep = 0, fc_or_grp
rep = -0.3, fc_u_grp
rep = -0.65, fc_x_grp
rep = 0, gd_gm_grp
rep = 0, fc_uk_grp
rep = -0.65, fc_n_grp
rep = 0, fc_ln_grp
rep = -0.65, fc_kn_grp
rep = 0, fc_rn_grp
rep = 0, fc_ouk_grp
rep = 0, fc_q_grp
rep = 0, fc_f_grp
rep = 0, gd_im_grp
rep = 0, gd_z_grp
rep = -0.65, gd_bh_grp

As you can see above, there's a value: 0.91
This is how friendly they are towards each other.
0.91 ->Allies
0.65 ->Close Friends
0.3 ->Friendly
0 ->Neutral
-0.3 -> They attack each other
-0.65 -> Hated enemy

Note: You have to change the GC entry also, or The Blood Dragons would attack
them, but they wouldn't fight back.

Glad to be of help,


Post Fri Mar 30, 2007 4:45 pm

I appreciate the feedback. Seems like I'm on the right track. is another question.
I've just created 9 new factions with their on ids names, ids short names and ids info. Some are going to be friendly, some are going to be clearly hostile to everything and some are going to be neutral. I've used the FLids tool to add these to the respective .dll's.

1st problem; they don't show up in the FLEx. (neither do the ships that also have their respective ids's coded into the .dll's) Somehow, I have a feeling this is going to require hand editing.

2nd problem; How do I get the new factions to show up and in game as well as get them to fly their respective ships? (faction props/loadouts? )

3rd problem; a new commodity (coffee) with it's own icon. Does it need an ids name, number and info? Would like to make this one of the "hottest" items in the mod. (I think so but can't seem to find the commodity ids strings)
As well as a couple other "special" 1 of a kind commodities that are sellable only on specific planets. One involves a life pod and the other involves an "active" artifact.

Thanks again.

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