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****NEWBIE QUESTIONS?? - look no further2!!****

The general place to discuss MOD''ing Freelancer!

Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 8:34 pm

****NEWBIE QUESTIONS?? - look no further2!!****

In keeping with the older Accushots thread, I will attempt to answer any questions that newbies have, but anyone is welcome to ask about anything!
Feel free to join in with answers, and also, if i cannot answer stuff - i will point you in the best direction possible too!

Okay - feel free to post away! I would ask for an admin sticky - but seeing as the last one didn't get one, i doubt this will either!

Links to topics in the first thread
The First Version - 469 posts!, Page 1
This was started by accushot - who devoted alot of time to answering questions. I am trying to fill his place whilst he is absent!
Okay: Questions already covered in detail in that first page are:

Making a station
Custom Rumours
Creating custom commodities
Moving ships selling points
Creating New weapon Hardpoints
Changing MP starting ship

Page Two - Link will take you. List below is what is there
Page 2
Changing SP starting ship juni gives you
Changing factions empathy towards others
Making Hammerhead take class 10 weapons
Changing the ships power plant
Changing the price of ships
Changing nano bots/bats capacity
Making the train flyable(including docking problems- eat yer heart out duriel!)

Page 3
Programs for editing, and what they do
Creating a cruise disruptor mine
Making guns/turrets fire multiple shots
Changing weapon efficiency against shield types
Changing random missions rewards money
A starter on how to make new story missions (wow - gonna fiddle with this now!)
Changing radioactivity of places

Page 4
Formations and player positions in formations
Making bounty hunters fly gunboats
Changing Reavers weapons effects (apply to others)
Changing stations names

Page 5
Changing cruise steady time (longer to initiate)

Page 6
Basics of adding a ship (importing)
At this point it goes into a little bit of a ramble as accushot is absent
Making a new system (basics)
Trying to minimise hull hit movement to a ship
Creating new ids entries
Making a flyable gunboat
-however, there is another version later wihtout the knackered view point!

Page 10
Changing loadouts of starting ships
Setting different loot for wrecks
ideas for making weapons ship type mountable
Increasing cruise speed

Page 11
Changing Thrusters speed (including going up to whatever value)

Page 12
Basics of modding - what to do etc

The NEXT post contains even more.........

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Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 8:35 pm

Page 15
Pilotable gunship again -fully working though

Page 17

Adding your custom Dll entry to the game (in Freelancer.ini)
Erm - UNlocking locked gates (alaska don't work though?)

Page 19
Very indepth setting things to sell at custom bases
Making new shields, scanners and custom equipment (very detailed again)

Page 21
Making planets dockable and converting undockable planets into bases - including populating the base!!! (detailed)
Adding new sounds and music to the game including weapons effects sounds

Page 22
Explanation of shiparch.ini - increasing weapons mounts etc etc
Changing level requirements for shields and weapons (very detailed for newbs!)

Page 23
Setting gammu and robot planet to sell equipment, and give out rumours
Fixing Mbases.ini errors
Changing max ammo capacity

And that is all so far for that thread. If anyone posts there stil - will carry on trying to answer, or post here as well! - here is a link to my other thread about debugging - rooting out the crashes!

Crashes - possible causes and solutions - so have a peek if you have crashes occuring. Anyways. Post questions below . Any moderators - would be nice if this was stickied though.........


Making NPC shields regen
Making NPC's use sheild batteries and nano bots
Making Custom Jumpgate effects
Making NPC's drop different things/changing frequency of drops/custom drops
Making NPC's carry Pirate Pilots as a commodity, that you then set to drop during combat, which you can then sell for a fortune at Bounty hunter bases, less at prisons etc, and have the bounty hunters scan you for them so that they will collect the bounty (For Role Play Servers This Would Be Great!)
Making commodities illegal (inlcuded in the above instructions)
Changing level requirements, making new levels to level up too....
A docking fix for capital ships/transports for stations/ docking fixtures.. etc etc A fast startup......(no intro movies)

Hope people like some of these here, enjoy!

Change in ACCREDITATION : To use anything that is thought of, or described by me as an original, you MUST not claim it as your own or aks others to credit YOUR mod for using it too,..........but not credit me either. Just make a note that it is thanks to Lancers reactor for that idea/way of doing something. Thats it. Don't bother asking for permission, you alreadyhave it

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Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 11:46 pm

this is the stupidest question ever for me to ask being how long i played FL for but what is and npc????

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Post Tue Sep 30, 2003 11:55 pm

aim looking at server side stuff that works n changes things like npc or ai what every u want to call them is to make them more aggressive n more at ones ,shield n hull repair them selfs, loot droped ,weapon dmg increased n better shots or anything you no of that can be changed server side only

you can email me at thanks n have a nice day

Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 12:01 am

WolfDemon: what is and npc????

Translator working.... Translation success -
Q: What is an NPC?

A: NPC - Non Player Character - Most games have only one player - everyone else is an NPC.

term0shad: aim looking at server side stuff that works n changes things like npc or ai what every u want to call them is to make them more aggressive n more at ones ,shield n hull repair them selfs, loot droped ,weapon dmg increased n better shots or anything you no of that can be changed server side only

you can email me at thanks n have a nice day

Translator working.... Translation - partial success -
Q: Where can I find server side mods that change: npc ai aggression, Shield/ship stats, Loot, Weapons.

Look at that - there is a list of them stickied to the top of the forum in which you posted.
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Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 12:18 am

@Term0shad - what do you have in mind exactly?

Also - do you have any modding experience?

I can post a nice tutorial here for you if you are up for modding the files yourself - cause am sure others would like to know at a later date too!
Here is somethings that can be done though:

NPC's shields regen
NPC's use nano bots and shield bats
NPC's can shoot more accurately, and more often
(harder for players)
NPC's can have heaiver weaponry Overkill with the above though
Zone levels increased = more NPC populations fav here - rape by 24 nomads in the unknowns o_0
Encounters with capital ships
Wrecks loots changed
Opening of some jumpgates/jumpholes
- Not alaska for some reason - but NY-> Magellan, Sig13 ->Chukogu or whatever, Sig13-> Berlin , NY -> NY etc etc

There are probs more - but i can't think off hand
Let me know if you are interested. However, if you just want someone to do it for you, am sure someone will step up for the challenge (am busy, would do it, but for one person, its alot of time!!.........specially seeing as servers usually close within two weeks of opening! (no offense!)

Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 1:05 am

Hmm - just thought - aint covered them yet! Here is a start before i go to bed then!!
Making NPC Shields regen
This is a great little mod, adds spice to the game

Okay - from now on i assume people know what tools to use, and how to save etc! if not read some of the posts linked above -especially the beginning ones! This also assumes you have some knowledge of what the parts mean! If not, suggest you read some older things as well!! lol
Difficulty = Easy
Okay - open your ST_equip.ini file in the equipment folder

Here will be entries for the thrustes (first 4 or so entries) Closely followed by the NPC shields (player shields are below the NPC shields)
We are concerned with the NPC shields obviuosly though!
Here is an exert of the start of an entry:

nickname = npc_shield01_mark01
ids_name = 263759
ids_info = 264759

This is just the first few lines, specifying the name of the shield and so on. The bit that makes it regen? Well - its nice and simple:
Look further down and you find the following (in the main body of text for EACH of the shield entries)

volume = 0.000000
mass = 10
regeneration_rate = 1
max_capacity = 600
toughness = 6.000000

Now - the obvious part we are interested in is right there infront of us! A clue - its the rate at which it

So - what to do? Well - personally i change the regen rates to match the ones further down the ini file (player shields), but to make things easy, here is a little guide for you instead. Just put these numbers in!

Class.......~......Regen Rate

Now obviously you can change that to whatever you wish, but those are some realistic values there. Don't miss it though - there are three different types of shields for the NPC's! - Shield01, Shield02, Sheild03 - so that is 30 rates to amend.
There we go - regenning shields for the NPC's!

Okay - now for nano bots/ shield bats usage!

Making NPC's Use shield and nano regens!
This one is bigger, and more difficult! Make sure you back these files up first!

Difficulty = Moderate
- i only say moderate cause if you go off and cockup the loadouts.ini , and loadouts_utility.ini files you will crash!

Okay - first up, you need to open up the Pilots_population.ini file in the missions folder.
Now then, scroll down through the folder:

You will eventually come to something that looks like this (there are several)

nickname = repair_fighter_never
use_shield_repair_pre_delay = 0
use_shield_repair_post_delay = 0
use_shield_repair_at_damage_percent = 0
use_hull_repair_pre_delay = 0
use_hull_repair_post_delay = 0
use_hull_repair_at_damage_percent = 0

Okay - the title of the parts says it all - what they are. The repair block. Firstly - what you need to do is:

Find this part instead of that one!!!:

nickname = repair_fighter_both
use_shield_repair_pre_delay = 0.200000
use_shield_repair_post_delay = 5
use_shield_repair_at_damage_percent = 0.500000
use_hull_repair_pre_delay = 0.200000
use_hull_repair_post_delay = 1.500000
use_hull_repair_at_damage_percent = 0.500000

You notice that it already has some values there - smashing....less work for us! Now remember the nickname there then! Okay - now scroll down further through the document (to near the bottom really!)
You will find parts like this:

nickname = test
gun_id = gun_fighter_test

Okay - there are quite alot of these. These entries tell what the pilot will do in attack, defense, how they shoot etc.....

Okay - here is one section you can have a look at really quick:

nickname = pilot_military_easy
gun_id = gun_military_easy_style_a

This is the easy pilot part, and near the bottom of the entry you see the line:
formation_id = formation_stay
repair_id = repair_fighter_never
job_id = basic_job_formation

These are the bottom three lines for the entry - easy to see!
Notice the repair_id ? If you look back - repair_id = never had no repair settings for it, they were all guess what.......yep - put in the nickname there for the 'both' part - then it will read this:
formation_id = formation_stay
nickname = repair_fighter_both ;notice this here?
job_id = basic_job_formation

Good stuff - but that is alot of entries to do this for isn't it? - look at the next one down, which is this:
nickname = pilot_military_med
inherit = pilot_military_easy
gun_id = gun_military_med_style_a
evade_dodge_id = evade_dodge_fighter_horiz_med

Notice the line inherit that i made bold? It means just what it says, inherit all the parts from pilot_military_easy, but add these parts i have too........
So that means the pilot_military_med now also mends hulls and shields with regens!! does the hard and ace! Oh - easy stuff! 4 for the price of 1

Okay - bad news - go through and do it for all of them! Including the transports. Basically - on every spot you see the repair_id = repair_fighter_never change it to your nickname = repair_fighter_both instead okay?

We done? Not yet! Nearly - they now know to use the regens, but they don't acutally possess any in the game..........yet!

Next - its the loadouts.ini and loadouts_special.ini in the ships folder!

Okay - open the file up - this tells the comp what each NPC is carrying. The Loadouts.ini is the fighters loads, the special is the capship ones, and the utility one is for the transports.

Inside there are many entries - we will STAY away from ones like these:
nickname = MSN04_Trents_Friend_Escort

The reason - they are mission loadouts - we don't want SP becoming too difficult for
Basically you want to add nanobots and shiel gens to each fighter ship in there! and there are alot
Here is a quick demo of what to add:

nickname = fc_gc_ge_fighter_loadout01
archetype = ge_fighter
equip = ge_gf1_engine_01
equip = npc_shield01_mark02, HpShield01

This is a gains entry for their fighter....there is more below this, i cut the size off. The bottom of this entry looks like this below:
equip = contrail01, HpContrail01
equip = contrail01, HpContrail02
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight01
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight02

To add some nanobots and shield gens to this fellow we add these lines:
cargo = ge_s_battery_01, 3
cargo = ge_s_repair_01, 3

That is three of each to the fighter - sot he bottom now looks like this:
equip = contrail01, HpContrail01
equip = contrail01, HpContrail02
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight01
equip = DockingLightRedSmall, HpDockLight02
cargo = ge_s_battery_01, 3
cargo = ge_s_repair_01, 3

Easy stuff eh? You can add more nanos, but they really live forever if you do!
Now here is the dull bit - copy and paste that to every entry so theyall have some, then go to the loadouts_special.ini file and do the same there as well!! Once done though, you NPC's shields will regen AND they can also use nano bots and bats!

Any questions/comments - leave below
Hope this is helpful/useful to someone!


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Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 1:14 am

Dealing with rumors and news items. I must have a bug. But nowhere, and I mean nowhere do I get any rumors or news items. Nada. This happened after I had crashed and needed to reboot the game. I had copied my old game files before I attempted modding. When I jacked up the mbase.ini the first time. I simply rebooted the game and copied the old game files back in. Now when I activate the saved games, everything works fine but the news and rumors. Even when I run the missions from #13, nothing. Any clue on where the bug might be and I can fix it?

Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 1:30 am


Let me get this straight:
You made some custom rumours, but then put your old mbases.ini files back into the game again to try to get round the problem of fixing the Mbases errors.
Now, did you create new rumours, or just modify old ones (obviously new ones would no longer be deleted the references). I must admit though that this is the second time i have heard this about rumours. Perhaps no rumours are given out at the end of the game!? Try online and see whatcha pick up at a base(rumour wise), but choose your server carefully............

Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 3:01 am

Online rumors I have. MP is no problem. But In SP, after I reached level 38, they were all gone. I thought it dealt with my reinstalling the game, and reworking things. But I have no problems with anything else. All the work I have done by your directions have worked fine. This is a different bug. I actually "see" no obviuos error. News as well. I think my level itself deactivates them to where they are no longer needed, I guess. If so, is there a way to "bump" the level? Or is this like new modding territory?

Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 7:16 am

This is great, Chips! Documentation of 470 posts, very impressive
It's about time another of these threads were started. The other one is too large.
People with questions would be welcome to post here from now on, and when Accushot gets back, he'd be more than welcome to answer them on this thread too. It's getting too hard to navigate through the original.

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Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 9:52 am

You mean increase level: Well i haven't tried it yet, but it looks bloody simple and straight

To Increase the levels: I haven't tried this, so feedback would be nice!

Go to your missions folder, and open up the ptough.ini file - you will see something like below:

Example: ptough.ini entries
ptough_graph_pt = 0, 0
ptough_graph_pt = 11000, 1
ptough_graph_pt = 13750, 2
ptough_graph_pt = 17228, 3
ptough_graph_pt = 20845, 4
ptough_graph_pt = 25396, 5
ptough_graph_pt = 30475, 6
ptough_graph_pt = 36576, 7
ptough_graph_pt = 43891, 8
ptough_graph_pt = 52183, 9
ptough_graph_pt = 58967, 10
ptough_graph_pt = 66632, 11
ptough_graph_pt = 74156, 12
ptough_graph_pt = 88245, 13
ptough_graph_pt = 105206, 14
ptough_graph_pt = 114780, 15
ptough_graph_pt = 125225, 16
ptough_graph_pt = 136620, 17
ptough_graph_pt = 149154, 18
ptough_graph_pt = 177493, 19
ptough_graph_pt = 211397, 20
ptough_graph_pt = 245220, 21
ptough_graph_pt = 285906, 22
ptough_graph_pt = 328791, 23
ptough_graph_pt = 378331, 24
ptough_graph_pt = 433189, 25
ptough_graph_pt = 495823, 26
ptough_graph_pt = 565734, 27
ptough_graph_pt = 646965, 28
ptough_graph_pt = 738187, 29
ptough_graph_pt = 842492, 30
ptough_graph_pt = 961283, 31
ptough_graph_pt = 1096101, 32
ptough_graph_pt = 1250652, 33
ptough_graph_pt = 1425449, 34
ptough_graph_pt = 1626438, 35
ptough_graph_pt = 1853394, 36
ptough_graph_pt = 2112870, 37
ptough_graph_pt = 2409599, 38

Okay - as i said it looks straight forward enough - so, what to do?
Well - its time to increase some of those values, and if you like, add some more
(I just tested it and went to level 40 - so its fine)

Okay - so here, try increasing the values a little:

<interim part removed for size here>
ptough_graph_pt = 241397, 20
ptough_graph_pt = 305220, 21
ptough_graph_pt = 385906, 22
ptough_graph_pt = 508791, 23
ptough_graph_pt = 758331, 24
ptough_graph_pt = 1003189, 25
ptough_graph_pt = 1495823, 26
ptough_graph_pt = 1965734, 27
ptough_graph_pt = 2716965, 28
ptough_graph_pt = 3918187, 29
ptough_graph_pt = 5112492, 30
ptough_graph_pt = 6611283, 31
ptough_graph_pt = 7996101, 32
ptough_graph_pt = 9550652, 33
ptough_graph_pt = 11425449, 34
ptough_graph_pt = 13626438, 35
ptough_graph_pt = 18153394, 36
ptough_graph_pt = 21112870, 37
ptough_graph_pt = 26709599, 38

And there we have it - you need 26mil to get to level 38. You can also (don't think this would fix the prob for you though, but it adds extra) add new entries - like so (to the original ptough.ini though!)

Example: Adding extra levels to the normal ptough.ini file instead

<interim part removed for size here>

ptough_graph_pt = 1626438, 35
ptough_graph_pt = 1853394, 36
ptough_graph_pt = 2112870, 37
ptough_graph_pt = 2409599, 38

<add this to the bottom instead>

ptough_graph_pt = 2800000, 39
ptough_graph_pt = 3700000, 40
ptough_graph_pt = 4800000, 41
ptough_graph_pt = 5900000, 42
ptough_graph_pt = 7150000, 43

I take it you get the idea at this point, so then the bottom of your ini file would look like this

Example: Ptough.ini file appearance:
ptough_graph_pt = 0, 0
ptough_graph_pt = 11000, 1
ptough_graph_pt = 13750, 2
ptough_graph_pt = 17228, 3
< 4 -> 33 cut out to save on space >
ptough_graph_pt = 1425449, 34
ptough_graph_pt = 1626438, 35
ptough_graph_pt = 1853394, 36
ptough_graph_pt = 2112870, 37
ptough_graph_pt = 2409599, 38
ptough_graph_pt = 2800000, 39
ptough_graph_pt = 3700000, 40
ptough_graph_pt = 4800000, 41
ptough_graph_pt = 5900000, 42
ptough_graph_pt = 7150000, 43

Bingo - you got yourself some new levels to attain here! Increase to whatever you like, but think max money you can hold is 999,999,999 fixed anyways!

There we go folks, increased levels for your SP pleasure

Hope people like this!


Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 1:03 pm

So i saw an effect that changed the jumpgate colours somewhere. I thought that it was nice, so guess what? I thought i would let everyone enjoy some new effects! Adds a bit of spice to your tunnels in your mods! A nice surprise!
So here it is!
Custom Jumpgate Effects and Colours
Jumping systems with style!

First off - you guessed it, biniQ. Now what to do!
Go to the following directory and open the file:
\data\FX\jumpeffects.ini and also

Okay, so open firstly the gate_tunnel. We will create a new tunnel effect for you.
In there you will see various nicknamed effects already, including this familiar one:

nickname = gate_tunnel_bretonia

Oh - spangly eh?! Okay - so first off, copy the following sections from gate_tunnel_bretonia (including the stuff below the sections!)
nickname = gate_tunnel_bretonia

texture = jumptube

texture = jumptube5

What are the layers for? Who cares, it works so just do it!

Now then, paste these to the bottom of your file, and rename the nickname for the [Gate_tunnel part to nickname = nickname = gate_tunnel_elite1
Okay - Elite1 is cause i have made my own, and i am in the Elite (organisation!)

Now, things to do here:
Well - erm - fiddle of course - its up to you to find your personal reference to help though, RGB (red, green, blue) Values, by the way :-255,255,255 is white, 0,0,0 is black, 255,0,0 is red, 0,255,0 is green, and 0,0,255 is blue. (I have a degree in colour chemistry and polymer

Okay - what i change here:in the main section (gate tunnel part)
[imin_rgb = 0, 50, 30
max_rgb = 90, 220, 120

These are obviuosly the max values for red, green, blue and the min values the effect will go to.
This one i am trying to make greenish, so seeing as tunnels 'flash' or fade colour brightness/hue to different shades, i vary this

Next - in these parts
texture = jumptube

texture = jumptube5

I change the same thing:
color = 100, 200, 155

Why? Well this will determine your actual tunnel colour for you instead. This one is a kinda funky greenish blue, but vivid ones are like:color = 255, 130, 135 which gives a real nice pinky red effect.

Okay - Save that off,

Open up the jumpeffect.ini file instead.

Here is what one looks like

Example: There are many in here, default is bretonian though!
nickname = jump_effect_bretonia
glow_ring_effect = jumpgate_tunnel, jumpgate_rings, jumpgate_rings, jumpgate_end_rings, jumpgate_end
glow_ring_hp = HpFX2, HpFX3, HpFX4, HpFX5, HpFX5
glow_create_time = 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
jump_out_time = 1.500000
jump_out_tunnel_time = 7
jump_in_tunnel_time = 3
jump_in_time = 1
kill_time_before_done = 0.600000
jump_tunnel_effect = jump_tunnel_interior_player
jump_tunnel = gate_tunnel_bretonia
jump_ambient = 25, 25, 50
jump_background_color = 255, 255, 255

So what does what? - Well first, copy and paste to the bottom of the file, and give it your own nickname (mine is nickname = jump_effect_elite )

Now then - you have your own entry - notice the jump_tunnel line? - tjat is where the nickname of your custom gate_effect would go

Anyway, back to the task - what does what?
Well - things to keep constant - ie you don't change them!
These lines keep normal:
glow_ring_effect = jumpgate_tunnel, jumpgate_rings, jumpgate_rings, jumpgate_end_rings, jumpgate_end
glow_ring_hp = HpFX2, HpFX3, HpFX4, HpFX5, HpFX5
glow_create_time = 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
jump_tunnel_effect = jump_tunnel_interior_player
kill_time_before_done = 0.600000

By the way, the glow_create_time is to do with the increasing glow effects you see when activating the jumpgate. Its at 1,3,5 seconds etc etc. you can fiddle if you wish - but aint much point........

Okay - next!
These lines here are interesting, do you get bored with jumptunnels? want em over quicker?
jump_out_time = 1.500000
jump_out_tunnel_time = 7
jump_in_tunnel_time = 3
jump_in_time = 1

If you do, then change the values here. If you change the jump_in_tunnel_time and the Jump_out_tunnel_time to zero - then you will have a near 'instantaneous' jump tunnel - epecially with jump_in/out_time changing. In effect, you dock, lurch, then appear at the other side - cutting travel to seconds rather than 15 seconds. Good for races across systems and fast dockers loosing persueing people!! you gain seconds each time you jump! LOL

Okay - onwards
Example: The other parts,
jump_tunnel = gate_tunnel_bretonia
jump_ambient = 25, 25, 50
jump_background_color = 255, 255, 255

Okay - one part already covered! [ijump_tunnel
is sorted, but what about the jump_ambient - well that is the ambient colour of your jump - so this is slightly blueish, tinged with green and red - or the normal one. Try setting it to other values. The jump_background_colour is whether its white fill in the hole at the back or not. Set this to 0, 0, 0 for a totally diff appearance on jumpeffects - looks much better i think!!!

Save it off, and then change your jumpgate effects in the systems files!
Open up your relevant system file (i will use Li01 for example here)

Example: Jumpgate from NY,
nickname = Li01_to_Li02
ids_name = 260911
pos = -83176, 0, 44831
rotate = 0, -70, 0
Archetype = jumpgate
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_Li02
ids_info = 66145
jump_effect = jump_effect_elite3
reputation = li_p_grp
behavior = NOTHING
difficulty_level = 1
goto = Li02, Li02_to_Li01, gate_tunnel_elite3
loadout = jumpgate_li_01
pilot = pilot_solar_easiest

So which part to change? You can already see mine here:
goto = Li02, Li02_to_Li01, gate_tunnel_elite3

thats right, instead of saying bretonia, it has my custom effect in it (there are 5 for my - and two jumpholes as well)

Put in your nickname for your jumptunnel here and enjoy some nicer, more interesting effects!


p.s - I don't think this has been covered there we are!

Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 2:36 pm

Oh - also, another little nice one. Forgot that this hadn't been covered very well in the previous post!
So - Setting NPC factions to drop new/different things
Custom commodities and guns can be dropped easy!

Okay - the file of choice this time is:

This file contains what different things are dropped by whom!
So - here goes:

Example: Everyone drops this, its the sheild batteries!
archetype = ge_s_battery_01
num_to_drop = 3, 8
faction = all
difficulty_range = 0, 100
weight = 3

So what does it all mean?
Well - the title, like [Ship in the shiparch means ships entry, the [RMBonusLoot means loot dropped
The archetype refers to the exact nickname of the thing to be dropped
Num to drop is well, how many are left behind, if it =1 , then just one is dropped, if its 3,8 i think it means between 3 and 8 or something like that anyways!
faction = the factions names are put behind here, but if its all factions, then just put in all! , so for Corsairs, Outcasts and Lib Rogues it would look like this:
faction = fc_c_grp, fc_ou_grp, fc_li_grp ..... and so on etc etc!

Difficulty range - well this is the level of the NPC's, but it is NOT related to the usual levels. This ranges up to 100, from 0. Its linked to difficulty ratings i think, such as level 43 mission is level19 fighters etc.....

weight = , this one i am not sure about - think it is also related to the chances of dropping the said stuff.

So - you can change old versions, or make new ones!
here is one i made......

Example: Of course this is a custom 'touch' i added to my mod. Everyone (pirate faction)carries a 'pilot' in them, so when they are blown up, you collect pirates! You can only carry 10 max in an eagle...and they are 'brought' by cops for a certain amount, prisons buy them for more, pirates pay alot to have their 'friends' liberated, and bounty hunter stations pay out a small fortune for the bounty on their heads (like 1000 each). The added fun is that the bounty hunters also scan for 'pirates' in your hold, as they will shoot you down to get the precious cargo they can collect the reward for, and pirates will try to loot them off of you too free their comrade in arms etc! Nice eh

archetype = commodity_pirates
num_to_drop = 1
faction = fc_c_grp, fc_ou_grp, fc_rh_grp, fc_bd_grp, fc_h_grp, fc_m_grp, fc_x_grp, fc_b_grp, fc_g_grp, fc_lh_grp, fc_u_grp, fc_gc_grp, fc_lwb_grp, fc_fa_grp, fc_lr_grp
difficulty_range = 21, 100
weight = 5

OKay - so you now know how to do that right? Okay - what about how to make those pirates then?! Custom commoditiy making that is. Look at 'making custom commodites' for details, but if you cut and paste the below into your files, change ids numbers, then you too can collect pirates!

Pirates Pilots as a commodity for loot and reward (bounty hunter role play)

Okay - this should be good! Open up your [iSelect_equip.ini
file and copy and paste this to the bottom. By the way, use your own custom ids number!

Example: Numbers 261796 upwards are free i think!!!!
nickname = commodity_pirates
ids_name = 261821
ids_info = 66655
units_per_container = 1
pod_appearance = cargopod_green
loot_appearance = lootcrate_green
decay_per_second = 0
volume = 10
hit_pts = 250

Okay - now save the file off, and open the goods.ini file instead.
Example: Pirate commodity!

nickname = commodity_pirates
equipment = commodity_pirates
msg_id_prefix = gcs_gen_commodity_boron
category = commodity
price = 500
combinable = true
good_sell_price = 1
bad_buy_price = 1
bad_sell_price = 0.1
good_buy_price = 0.1
shop_archetype = Equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\cwire_rawmats_1.3db
item_icon = equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\INV_escapepod.3db
jump_dist = 5hemicals.3db
jump_dist = 55

Now save that off, and add the lines as follows to all bounty hunter bases in your market_commodities.ini file!!

Example: they will now 'buy' them for a nice price!!
base = Br02_03_base
MarketGood = commodity_pirates, 0, -1, 0, 0, 1, 4

that is sheffield station buying pirates for 2k!! Good stuff eh!!

Sorted. Now just do that for other stations, but change the 4 at the end for a 1 or 2 for the prisons/ police stations and pirate stations! Enjoy your new pirate pilots! LOL

Now - to make them scanned for by the bounty hunters!! (and others)
Making a commoditiy scannable/illegal
Open up the data\missions\faction_prop.ini file, and scroll to the bottom for bounty hunters:

The section looks like this:
Example: Bounty Hunters
affiliation = gd_bh_grp
legality = lawful

OKay - at the bottom add these lines:
scan_announce = false
scan_for_cargo = commodity_pirates, 2
scan_chance = 0.300000

If you wish for any faction to scan for something it will need a scan_chance entry - which is percentage chance, also scan_announce = true/false as to whether they tell you or not, and scan_for_cargo = commodity nickname
The ,2 at the end is priority of scanning. If you are carrything three things that it wants, then the one with a 2 will be taken first, the 1 is next , then a 0 is least likely to be taken!!!
Add whatever cargo you like, however, if you have cops picking up cardamine, and bounty hunters are set to scan for it, then u get very very amusing wars breaking out. Put in the scan announce = true and it is hilarious!!
'Wait, there is something, i got something........alright - drop the cargo'
The cops refuse, war breaks out! BOOM! LOL
You can set any commoditiy you like as 'illegal' in this area. Change its ids info to say what you like as well!

Post Wed Oct 01, 2003 5:40 pm

Another one, This one is to help out with your flyable capships/transports!
It is a docking fix
This is built upon by an idea by Wanderer way way back in about may/april this year! It goes without saying, that although i am using Wanderers original idea here as a basis, I have expanded upon his idea, changed it alot and brought it up to date. This differs as it does NOT use duriel's idea of making all the entries say berth instead. In fact,this is a million miles away from him!

(Credit for this idea comes from a)Wanderer originally, b)Damon - showed this to me back in late May this year when i used to test his mod) which is where i started to pick up changes to it from

I have changed it somewhat - but i do not require anyone to ask permission or put me in the credits here. This is the sort of thing that is a community thing. It was only when i read the old post by Accushot about docking probs for the gunship mod, that i remembered this one! So here comes the modding part - concentrate!

Firstly - your ship!
Here is an exert of your ships entry:
Example: This is the normal pilotable ship
mission_property = can_use_berths

What that means is that it uses what are called 'berths' to dock with. If a station has no 'berth' definitions defined there, then it cannot dock.
Now - when converting other ships, like gunships/transports, you get this instead:
Example: Taken from a transport
mission_property = can_use_med_moors

Now the only problem with this is that if you use moors, when you dock, u just end up sitting at the moor instead of entering the station deck! (unless you press escape during the mooring, but if you leave it til it has 'moored' then its too late!!.

So - we cannot use moors because they don't take you into the station. However, we can use berths. Just one question, how on earth then do we dock with jumpgates/holes with whatever type of ship we like?!

That is cause they have a different docking 'sphere' as they are called. Theres is 'jump' instead. So - we can use berths and jumps eh? Yup, so if instead of putting can_use_med_moors or large moors[i/ we put [ican_use_jumps would that work? Well - only problem is that the stations don't have that setting either, just jumpgates, so as you go round you will hear 'cannot take ships of that size' etc etc. Well how do you fix that then?

OKay - go to the solararch.ini file, open it up!

Example: I left the docking ring as they all have one of these above them!
nickname = docking_fixture
ids_name = 261158
ids_info = 66141
type = STATION
DA_archetype = solar\dockable\space_docking_fixture.3db
material_library = solar\Solar_mat_tink.mat
material_library = fx\envmapbasic.mat
envmap_material = envmapbasic
LODranges = 0, 6000
mass = 10000.000000
loadout = docking_fixture
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountA, 5.000000
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountB, 5.000000
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountC, 5.000000
docking_sphere = moor_large, HpDockMountD, 5.000000
solar_radius = 300
hit_pts = 999999961690316250000000000000000000.000000

yup - its a docking fixture - so what? Well - change one of the moor mediums to jump instead,
Example: Just the necessary bit below
docking_sphere = jump, HpDockMountA, 5.000000
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountB, 5.000000

Okay - done. Now you can save and go test. you will launch through the docking ring still, but when you try to dock with the docking ring you find that you are 'too large' to dock with it, so instead, select the planet, and starting docking at the moor point. Only trouble is that with some ships you are rather large, and therefore can't get close enough to the fixture to dock. This is where demus came in with his part in this. Just change the 5.0000 value to 50.000 - this just means that at 50 instead of 5 it will go to the cityscape - its the distance from completeion of the task before the vid cuts away.
So you have this instead now:

Example: Same as before, cut alot out instead
docking_sphere = jump, HpDockMountA, 75.000000
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountB, 5.000000

Now then, what about stations, do the same? change a moor value there to jump, and change the distance again?! - Yes - but with one slight catch here!
When you leave a station it sends you out in the order of docking in this file above. So - if you have 26 berth entries, going in the solararch from 1 to 26, it would send you out in numerically ascending order of berths. However, if 26 was the first berth statement, 12 was the second (so order was jumbled up) you would leave by 26, then 12, and not by 1,2,3,4,5
What does this mean then? Quite simply i found that if you move the new docking method to the first statement in the entry, you will leave by that method

Example: Station
docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountA, 4.5000000
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountB, 5.000000
docking_sphere = jump, HpDockMountC, 75.000000
docking_sphere = moor_large, HpDockMountD, 5.000000
solar_radius = 300

Here we have a berth entry as well as our jump entry for the larger ships, but you hit a problem now......
When we leave the station in our nice big transport, we get stuck in the docking bay. That is cause it is the first statement here!
However, if it was like this:

Example: Station
docking_sphere = jump, HpDockMountC, 75.000000
docking_sphere = berth, HpDockMountA, 4.5000000
docking_sphere = moor_medium, HpDockMountB, 5.000000
docking_sphere = moor_large, HpDockMountD, 5.000000

We find that we now leave through the old mooring position instead.......very aesthetically pleasing.
So now, we can dock our capital ships/ transports at planets through the docking fixture (not ring) and dock and leave stations through the new fixture as well! Good stuff eh?!

The good thing is you will never get stuck because if your station does not have a jump setting, then you cannot dock there. Also - if jump is the first statement - you leave the station through that point as well. Now the last few pieces to not 'cock' everything up!

Firstly - to avoid crashing into docking rings, we need to remove the sur file for docking rings. This just means that rather than having a nice big battleship getting stuck, we can now pass through the rings. I think this was IGx89 discovered and published for public use by the him, one of whom made your lovely Freelancer mod manager, and of course, Wanderer again! - so thanks and credit to them!
Next - if there are no entries for berths at the station, don't put a jump one in as it isn't meant to be docked at - you will crash unless you sort it all out, and finally

If you require more mounts, simply change a running light mount to hold a docking sphere instead

As per usual, i hope that mod makers as well as players find this a useful little tutorial to utilise. Wanderers original post can be found through a forum search, and continuing in his lead of not requiring permissions to use mods, I do not require anyone to ask/credit me with anything either.......unless you ask people to credit YOU with ideas (not ships), at which point, my email is [email protected] - get emailing instead.
Happy docking people!

Sharing all knowledge without holding back from anyone!......incase your wondering, i hate people trying to claim stuff as theirs and demanding permission needed for it, as ideas and solutions are worked out by more than one. I do not see a single mod crediting Wanderer and IGx89 with the docking ring, but if you want others to sing your praises, then you should sing the praises of everyone who has forwarded ideas that lead to the production of your mod.

Thoughts cannot be claimed, and i figured this out, like all my mods, myself. Every tutorial i write has been through my own bumblings, unless i read it somewhere else first (a how too, not ideas) at which point i pay my credits to them.

Credits: for people who made this method possible but still get no recognition for it:
Matthew ' IGx89 ' Lieder's
Damon / Demus / Prototype01

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