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Crossfire 1.7 Activation Problem

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Post Sat Feb 10, 2007 3:45 am

Crossfire 1.7 Activation Problem


I downloaded Crossfire 1.70 for FLMM 1.4 beta 4, and I am having a few problems activating the Mod.

I deactivated all mods and restored back ups, then tried to run Crossfire. It came up with this error :

Error: problem activating 'Crossfire Mod 1.70 Client Edition'
Error: SHCopyFile failed ('C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\DATA\characters\heads\trenthead.dfm.flmmbak' to 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\DATA\characters\heads\pi_pirate5_head.dfm')

So I went into the Crossfire directory and deleted all the files with the .flmmbak endings.

I then tried to run CF again, and it came up with this problem :

Error: problem activating 'Crossfire Mod 1.70 Client Edition'
Error: SHCopyFile failed ('C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\DATA\characters\bodies\li_hatcher_body.dfm.flmmbak' to 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\DATA\characters\bodies\_li_hatcher_body.dfm')

i tried re-installing Freelancer AND the Crossfire mod, but it still doesnt work.

Any helpful tips?


Post Sat Feb 10, 2007 4:27 am

Per the creator of the mod -

Lancers Reactor

posted 2/6/2007 01:32 PST Show Profile Visits this users homepage Delete this messagethe download is not corrupted and the file doesnt matter

the installation instruction does say:

1. clean installation of FL is required
2. FLMM 1.31 is required

more is not needed to activate it

A clean installation is, uninstall freelancer, then open c:programs/microsoftgames/ and then delete the Freelancer directory. Then reinstall the game.

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Post Sat Feb 10, 2007 4:37 am

I tried that and it still keeps on coming up with an error like the ones mentioned in my previous post.

Problem copying files

Post Sat Feb 10, 2007 4:48 am

First thing is to delete FLMM 1.4 from your computer and get FLMM 1.31 instead, CF like a lot of the older mods don't like 1.4 as this version of FLMM has quite a few bugs, to many new features that just don't work right with the older mods (they don't work right for the ones built for it either).

**shuffles of with a new headache**


Post Sat Feb 10, 2007 5:31 am

Ok i tried using FLMM 1.31, and it still doesnt work

Error copying files .flmmbak AGAIN!

I tried doing a clean install of Freelancer
I tried a clean install of FLMM 1.31
I tried a clean install of Crossfire

And it STILL doesnt work!

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Post Sat Feb 10, 2007 8:34 am

it does work for sure if you completly delete FL install it again and use flmm 1.31

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