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Strange speech prob w/JustForFun3 & Dis4.79

I am hoping that someone here will know what is causing the problems I am experiencing with some MODs - After playing through the entire Discovery V4.78.2 without any problems whatsoever - I downloaded both the JustForFun V3.0 & the Discovery v4.79 . And I have been having really strange gameplay sound issues ever since.

Some History.

I have had Freelancer (full version) for over a year and have played the stock game without problems. Decided it was time for some replay and found this forum & MODs. I installed ModManager and played several MODS including Discovery v4.78.2 without any problem - then...

Installed Discovery v.4.79 and attempted to load the MOD using ModMgr - which failed to load properly. Re-read the readme file and downloaded and installed that into my C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer folder and ran the exe for SDK from there.

The MOD loaded successfully at this point. (both JustForFun & Discovery v4.79)

Problem: Game starts normally - all voice files play properly until I meet King in space - at this point ALL voice files begin to play v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y - as though the wav files were playing back at about 1/4th normal speed. (I [alt+[tabed out and the voice wav (and ALL other FL wav files) files even played back REALLY slow in my default player - however ALL other sound files on my machine played back normally)

The sound issues are NOT confined to any in game location - after the sound slowdowns start - they are general and affect ALL game sounds. (Again, no other no game sounds on my machine are affected when I [alt+[tab out and check.

Steps taken so far:

- Complete wipe and reinstalation of Freelancer. All old saved games and all references to Freelancer were deleted and my registry completely cleared of any reference to FL.

- also uninstalled & wiped all references to ANY ModManager stuff and all previously saved games & MODs.

- Did a systerm restore to a date 5 days before any FL MODS or modified FL stuff was ever installed on my machine.

* Now able to play "stock" version of Freelancer without problems - played through first 6 missions as a check.

- Did an XP "restore point" and then reinstalled ModManager v1.3 and redownloaded Discovery MOD v 4.79 & JustForFun MOD v3.0 - as well as freelancersdk-v1.3full.exe which I installed to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer folder and ran the exe for SDK from there.

- Activated JustForFun MOD v 3.0 - play started normally and then all the sound problems previously described recurred. Played through enough missions as a "test" - just enough to know that I want to make this MOD work...

ANY help will be vastly appreciated.


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