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Jump drive?

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Post Tue Oct 11, 2005 5:33 pm

Jump drive?

Is it possible to make a MOD that lets your ship jump from system to system without jumpgates, like capital ships with the internal jump drives. If so, how.

Post Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:52 pm

Nope, sorry.

Post Fri Oct 21, 2005 7:21 pm

could be really cheap in mulitiplayer; almost destroy someone then *pop* they're gone.

Post Sat Oct 22, 2005 2:31 pm

We should put up a sticky saying "Jump drives are impossible" just to stem the flow of these kinds of questions....

Post Sun Oct 23, 2005 12:05 am

One member posting something about this in the Spoiler forum about six months ago. He claimed to have created a jumpdrive, but explained that it created a glitch which 'blew a hole in the universe' and permanently connected two systems i.e. being able to see Colorado from New York. However, the fellow refused to release any of his code or to post a mod out of it, so I'd say is more of a fantasy tale than anything else. And now I can't even find the thread.

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