Post Tue Jun 14, 2005 4:57 pm

StarShadow''s Ship and Equipment Mod v1.1 (Bug)

I seem to have run into a showstopper bug with "StarShadow's Ship and Equipment Mod v1.1". When I try to run it, my start ship is apparently equiped with a pair of guns which appear to be glitched. ...that is to say, they work, but they lack an icon, a sell price, and any attept to dismount them (both manually, and automaticly when buying a new ship) results in the game crashing to desktop. Since this prevents me from upgrading my weapons OR buying a new ship, I have to ask: How do I fix this, is this error unique to me, and, if not, is StarShadow going to release a new version?

...forgive me if this question was answered before. I haven't found the search function yet, and the forum is funkey in regards to how far back to show posts.