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HELP!! with OpenSPV_1.1

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Post Tue Feb 08, 2005 2:15 pm

HELP!! with OpenSPV_1.1

This is a strange problem. in the readme it said to replace some files with the ones included. I didn't do tha but instead put the mod in the freelancer mod manager V1.3. the exact location is in the mods folder OpenSPV_1.1 containing DATA and DLLS. in DATA is MISSIONS which has m13. in DLLS is BIN containing content.dll. the mod activates just fine but when I start, I start in a system called OMICRON MAJOR with three stars in it (A medium green, a green dwarf, and a blue dwarf). when I start I get a message telling me to dock with a planet called toledo (!!???!! where's toledo??) but when I look around I see only the three stars. I got sick of looking so I activated speed mod and went about everywhere but... no jumpholes, no jumpgates, no planets, no space clouds, no space stations, no life, no cheesy foods... no anything! except those three stars taunting me, anoying me... My food rations are almost used up and i've used up my fuel and am still drifting through space. Someone please pick up my distress signal and send help! or another mod suggestion for open SP with no new ships,or docking bugs like chip's open SP.

Post Sun Feb 13, 2005 10:32 am

Nevermind. I downloaded the flmm version and it worked fine.

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