Post Wed Dec 08, 2004 4:45 pm

Wanted: ugly FLSpew file data

I recently put together a tool named FLSpit that scrubs "noise" from FLSpew.txt to produce a fairly clean short list of the actual error and warning messages.

I've done moderate testing, but I've run into so many "common" quirks in FLSpew output that I'm certain there must be situations where it doesn't parse the spew cleanly. So I'm hereby requesting that people with truly bizarre FLSpew output (such as leading-edge modders )send me samples of what they have for testing. If you've used FLSpit and find that it munges up text or has an error, DEFINITELY please send me what it choked on.

A word about what I mean by "samples". The mailbox above will not take huge inbound email or attachments, so don't try a 1-meg log file. Smaller logs, particularly ones that zip down to under 50K or so, are probably fine. This isn't an offer to debug, since I truly know very little about most of the messages; I'm just going to use these to improve the way my tool presents data for YOUR debugging.