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Extreme Newbie MOD help

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Post Mon Nov 08, 2004 3:01 pm

Extreme Newbie MOD help

Hey, a friend just introduced me to the game a few weeks ago. I had the "FL Rebalance Mod v3.4 Full" installed, and it was kinda glitchy, so I installed v3.5. The thing is, my saved games got deleted in the switch over, using Mod Manager, somehow. My question is, I would like to download some things like the Equalizer and Criminal Addon Mods, but if I do that, will my other games be deleted? I know I'll have to start a new game so that the Mods don't conflict or anything, but can I keep the Rebalance going with the new ones or what?

Thanks, from a confused guy.

Post Mon Nov 08, 2004 3:08 pm

No, if you swap mods, the save games cannot be compatible. Think about it, a ships model your flying with some guns from one mod in a save file that you try and use on another mod that doesn't have that ship/guns/systems.

Not a chance of compatiblity I am affraid!

by the way, mod manager doesn't delete the save games - it moves them. It makes folders depending upon the mod/combination of mods (ie - open sp) that is activated! Therefore, reactivating a mod should result in enabling playing of that mod.

Only the autosave and restart cause any problems - as they may not get moved, and you hit that problem mentioned above.

Just a little note. This forum is dedicated to Freelancer discussion, not to the mods themselves. We have modding forums for those - in specific the moding feedback (give thoughts on mods - check forum for existing threads), mod technical help (for issues your having - like this one) and also - we have a load of actual mods forums - support forums hosted for the larger mods. Rebalance has one of those forums too, so if you get questions in regards to rebal, apart from going to Mikes site at - you can try in that forum too!

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