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Help - Issue with "All Good Things" Mod

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Post Tue Oct 19, 2004 4:40 pm

Help - Issue with "All Good Things" Mod

I installed the "All Good Things" Mod and get through the story til I have to go and rescue Rheinland operative (Von Claussen) in the Frankfurt system. While trying to use the jump gate from New Berlin to Frankfurt my computer will reboot after the "Loading" message comes on in the jump tunnel.

I have turned all other mods off (de-activated). I have purchased one of the "Privateer" ships (Centurion) with "Green Terror" turrets and "Nomad Cannons". Could this be the problem? Does anyone know why I cannot get through the Frankfurt jump tunnel without a forced, undocumented rebooting of my computer? I am about to give up completely on this whole modding idea. It has been troublesome to say the least and I HATE HAVING TO GO THROUGH THE STORY TIME AFTER TIME!! ARGHHHHHHHH!
Please help!
Steve "protomatter" Williams
[email protected]

Post Tue Oct 19, 2004 5:34 pm

I'm No Freelancer expert but I'd have to strongly reccomend you reinstall freelancer and forget about the MOD, the reason...sudden computer restarts can (and Iv'e seen it happen a fair few times) kill the BIOS battery on your PC if the restarts are too frequent. If the BIOS battery goes, you have roughly thirty seconds to replace it before all BIOS data is lost, I dont just mean settings, I mean the lot, and without that, you have an expensive door stop, how to fix this requires getting the motherboard bios reprogrammed or replacing the motherboard all together. It just aint worth the hassle for a MOD.

Well, thats what I was told caused my PC to die anyway, either way, same symptoms = dead pc = bad.

And He Saw That It Was Good (or in this case, bad)

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Post Thu Dec 02, 2004 8:09 pm

well i have no idea y this is happing. but i can help you with having to beat the game. go into flmm and go to the saved files. (make sure there are no mods on.) copy all the saved files. then put them in the folder when you put the mod on. if it askes somthing about dealting somthing say yes. you sould now have the saves from when you beat the game withoout mods.


p.s dont look behind u

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