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Reputation in TNG

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Post Wed Sep 29, 2004 3:13 pm

Reputation in TNG

I am using TNG 2.0 and am experiencing difficulty in purchasing equipment because my rep with the respective factions is not good enough. I found with FL 1.0 that I could fiddle a bribe or carry out a couple of missions to get myself into the good books of those I wished to purchase from. With TNG there appears to be no bribes and completion of a mission does seem to cause to "rep" marker to move, but the movement is minute and effective changing of friendship levels looks as though it will take for ever.

Can anyone tell me how I can become mates with the guys I want to buy from.

Thank you.

Post Thu Oct 07, 2004 9:00 am

Beyond shooting their enemys, which helps, download and use the Freelancer Char Editer. Save a game, other than auto save and exit. Open the editer and click the save game name. Find the faction tab and scroll to the ones you want. Slide the bar to how friendly you want to be click save changes and close. Load the saved game and resume. Easy.

Welcome to TLR!

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