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Problem with FLMM

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Post Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:29 am

Problem with FLMM

i use some mods (ill use federation ship pack 2.2 for example)
so i activate it. play it. and then when i go to deactivate to use something else. it says in log "unable to restore C:/(bunch of files go here) because no backup exists!"

i delete the mod so i can use others and that solves the problem. but when i want to use i reinstall it onto the mod manager and it comes on activated saying it cant deactivate (same as above) then when i delete it and play freelancer the frderation ship pack picture comes up - it starts and the game plays with the mod on even though the mod isnt on flmm, in any mod folders and completley erased from my pc. it still plays

im REALLY confused and that was my favourite mod :'(

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Post Fri Nov 02, 2007 2:00 pm

I think at this point you would be better off following the "standard" uninstall/reinstall instructions regarding Freelancer.

0. Write down your multiplayer ID or give it up for lost. Your choice.
1. Add/Remove Programs in 2000 or XP, hit Freelancer, Remove
2. Go to your C:\Program Files directory and check to see that there is no "Freelancer" folder under "Microsoft Games". If there is, delete that Freelancer folder and empty the Recycle Bin.
3. You shouldn't need a registry cleaner or manually clean it, but if desired you can ask Tawakalna or another even geekier individual than myself how to safely delete any Freelancer leftovers from the registry.
4. Now uninstall Freelancer Mod Manager.
5. Reinstall Freelancer.
6. Run Freelancer once in totally vanilla mode to put in a few registry entries and blah blah blah.
7. At your option, but highly recommended, QuickFix 1.0c should be applied.
8. Reinstall Freelancer Mod Manager.
9. Have FLMM unpack your mod again.
10. Install your mod.

Et voila.

A less thorough alternative, but which may work, is to uninstall EVERY mod in FLMM that is currently activated, then run QuickFix 1.0c on your current FL install to effectively present a "clean surface" on which the mod should install.

If not, then you can go and do my steps 0 - 10 instead.

Post Fri Nov 02, 2007 8:38 pm

there is also on the mod manager under tools restore backups everytime you want to diactivate a mod to use another use restore backups its less ugly

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