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New install question

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Post Sun Jul 08, 2007 8:29 am

New install question

The first time I played through this game was the week of it's launch, I completed the game in about 4-5 days, before any of the mods etc had time to appear. I just bought it again second hand. Are there any patches I should download, etc?

I see MS has 1 patch, but it's mostly for online play, and I don't play online. Is there anything I should install to make the single player experience better? I was particularly disappointed once I'd completed the game only to find the level cap was based on cash, and I had about 3Mln at that point, having taken the time to explore the galaxy in the middle of the game. Is there anything that will lengthen the end game, or at least give you something to do once the single player ends. I spent a day killing bounty hunters en-mass once I could finally buy a new ship and mount all the exotic weapons I'd found, but that got old real quick, and there was nothing out there that could even damage me at that point.


Post Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:02 pm

The only official patch is the 1.1 patch from MS. As you said, you really only need it if you're hosting a server.

If you want a different MP experience, I'd try out one of the big mods out there (there are too many to list). As far as SP-only mods go, there aren't a lot. You can always use a mod from a MP server and use an OpenSP mod on top of that so you can play the game offline.

Post Mon Jul 09, 2007 10:29 am

Praxis 22,

I play mostly in the single player/ open singleplayer realm, but here are some of the add-ons I use when I install onto a new PC or I want to do a total wipe and start over:

1. Install the game.
2. Install Freelancer SDK v1.3
3. Install the msCMP importer (you can find that on Lova Deus' EOA Website).
4. Install Freelancer Mod Manager (version 1.3 is the most stable around, but Beta 1.4 is pretty good). FLMM helps you incorporate other mods, but if you want to keep the game vanilla it's not a bad tool to have.

I agree with the other Freelancer fans, Microsoft's update is meant for multiplayers. Have fun.

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