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Server Crashes

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Post Sun Feb 05, 2006 7:59 am

Server Crashes

after getting a dedicated box and getting off revans home pc Solaris has been having some crashing problems. we are getting a rather high player count because of nima shutting down, but all attempts to find out why the server is crashing has failed. just happened 2 times in a row. we are running 2.29 nomads revenge. sometimes it crashes with 5 - 6 ppl on and sometimes with 40 ppl on. its running on windows XP PRO on a box with stats good enough to support 2 FL servers.

on a side note we have had a bit of a neucance. every weekend we get a report from our host that there is a very large spike of out going traffic. sometimes 2 minutes and sometimes 15 minutes at a time. using up bandwith at 30 mbps. this is really eating into my pocket book lol. any help would be appreciated!

my msn is [email protected] << also my email address. thanks!

Post Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:40 am

my advice:
1. Get a firewall program on that PC that can record traffic- you'll be able to see what program is dumping that amount of traffic. (sygate personal firewall is what I use. you'll have to google for it, as symantec bought them and killed it in favor of their crappy norton internet security program)

2. Run a virus scan on that PC, as burst traffic like that would indicate to me, at least, that there is some rather suspicious activity (leading back to #1)

Chris Bates

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