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Freelancer Freezing.again and again....

The place to ask for technical help with running the demo or the full game...

Post Wed Feb 01, 2006 10:10 am

Freelancer Freezing.again and again....

I just joined and want to say thanks so much for having this great site, and all the excellent posts etc. I am working up through space sims and just got
Freelancer and Starlancer, and am hopeful to enjoy them both. I loaded up
Freelancer and got a good install I think. BUT, once I got through that great intro
scene, and he is walking along to the bar (I got to the bar in the demo so I know that is where he is going....) it freezes, and everything just sits there, sound runs in a loop and that is that. Maybe I need to tweak my system?

I have a Windows 98 SE OS on a Pentium III 1.1 Ghz (maybe my processor is too slow?..I think I was they recomend at least a 1.3 Ghz?)....running on a Coppermine Dell Dimension 4100 with a Geforce FX 5500 250 Vid card and a Audigy ZS 2 sound card and 512 RAM and 40 GB hard drive????Should I try to turn down the acelleration of sound or vid? Any other suggestions? I tried going through the past posts but did not see my problem, or could not figure out to see it if it is there.....if so, please direct me to the thread, if not, any suggestions would be most welcome indeed...i am getitng a newer dual core Windows XP
AMD set up maybe that will be better. I use the 98 SE system to run older games such as the WC and FS 1 and 2, BCM, etc....

thanks again for the great forum

Full Speed Ahead

Post Wed Feb 01, 2006 10:24 pm

I think the pinned topic above may have answered this queston, ergo if an admin wants to delete this that will be ok....thanks for the great posts here, it is very helpful and encouraging as the game is wonderful ...

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