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New Alliance of Freelancers. Enlist in the New Alliance Star

Join the struggle for freedom, enlist in the New Alliance Starfleet!

The New Alliance of Freelancers is an organisation established to combat piracy and terrorism throughout the sector. We strive to provide military force any time, any place to protect the innocent civilians, traders and merchants who are constantly under threat from the pirate scourge.

We pride ourselves in top quality tactical and strategic training in order to give our Fleet the capability to engage and destroy piracy where-ever it may be.

Want to know more? Contact New Alliance Command at [email protected] , speak to an NAFL pilot in space, or visit our forums at .

A solid team, a formidable force. The New Alliance Starfleet, enlist today!

Strength, Honour, Skill!

We are currently operating on the Olympus EU-1 server running Nightstalker's Universe Mod. For information on NSU and the Olympus Servers see:

Semper Fidelis / "Killing a man is no badge of honour" / De Oppresso Liber

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