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The Sabre clan are recruiting for new players who enjoy teamwork and the challenges of role play in a lawful context. Indeed Sabre are the premier lawful clan on the Monkey Universe (MU) server.
The MU server provides players with various events to participate in including Base Destruct, Free for All's (PvP's en mass!), and not forgetting the Nomad incursions where all clans join together to defeat the transgressing alien(s)!
In addition to the well balanced and interactive universe offered by MU as a Sabre pilot you will have the support of a well established team who have a multinational make up, and who have a wide variety of age. So all ages and nationalities are welcome.
The Sabre Home System is New Berlin which provides strategic access accross much of the Universe, our mission is to hunt unlawful players and smugglers and to protect the law abiding. However, we are not police. As a Sabre member you may hunt, patrol, protect and trade if you so please, or you may find yourself in a full scale battle with pirates and wayward mercenaries in a VHF, Destroyer or Battleship.

There shall be initial financial support available to build up your character(s).

If you are interested please view the links below to Sabre and send a message to any council member.
(Also below is the link to the MU site, for a more in depth analysis of what this server offers).

<span style="text-decoration: underline">Sabre the Lawful Hunters</span>

You can e-mail us at: [email protected]

Or visit the following:

Link to Sabre:
Link to MU homepage:

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