Post Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:04 pm

PMS Clan

I am RedDiamond of the PMS clan on Northquadrant. We are currently looking for any females wanting to join our clan. PMS is an all female clan. Requirements to join are simply to speak on our TeamSpeak server to prove you are female. PMS are bounty hunters. We are a tight knit bunch who take no crap from guys
The NorthQuadrant server is a heavily moded server with tons of unique ships and custome made weapons. We fly the tag [PMS} with a hunter tag attached as well and our names start with a color example..[PMSRedDiamond[H. Currently we have 2 leaders, myself and WhiteDiamond until our original leaders return. We are recruiting so that our clan does not die out. The link to the server is:

I hope to see you laides in game!