Post Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:52 pm

Storm Troopers want you

Tired of coming on the sever and having no one to watch your back, run trade missions with, or even team up on bounties? Well look no farther, come join the clan that not only offers a great starting package, but also an honored place among freinds. We need you to help keep DS9 sever safe and fun. So come check us today and find out what we are all about. And who are the Storm Troopers you ask,we are a clan of Traders, Mercenaries and Hunters who make our home on DS9 sever,which is home to the best mod version of FreeLancer. For a full view of the server and sever rules please go to:

Tocheck our clan out please go to:

May the Force be ect.,ect., oh Live long and ect.,ect.See ya on the flip. DAGDA

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