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The Blood Angels needs you!

Hello all.
We are the (BA) Blood Angels clan. We are a hunter, trader clan who play on the Deep Space 9 uk server. We hunt pirates and trade. (We are a lawful clan)

About us.

In the fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000, the Blood Angels are one of the twenty First Founding Legions of the Space Marines.
They are well known for their bloodthirsty nature in battle, and feared for the curse they carry. They are among the longest lived of the Space Marine chapters with some serving the Emperor for over a thousand years.

The Space Marines are one of the major forces available in the table-top wargame Warhammer 40,000. They are also known as the Adeptus Astartes and by the sobriquet "Angels of Death". They are the supersoldiers of the Imperium of Man. The Space Marines can be seen as the scalpel of the Imperium, compared to the sledgehammer of the Imperial Guard.

They are elite soldiers, specially chosen for natural ability, and have their innate superiority enhanced further by a combination of extensive training, mental conditioning and genetic alteration. Their dedication and steadfastness is a product of this superiority and indoctrination. Their structure and cultures are monastic in nature although often display features of other strict martial orders and warriors cultures throughout history.

As befits such an elite force they are given equipment to match their abilities. They wear power armour to give them all-over protection and the ability to survive in hostile environments, and are equipped with superior weaponry as well, in the form of Bolters.



If you like PVP then this clan is for you. There are lots of Pirate clans that play on the DS9 server so you will find plenty of action to keep you busy.

What do we offer?

Other clans have tried to stem the rise of the Pirates, formed huge alliance's but still pirates seem to rule the roost. NOT ANY MORE. The Blood Angels have arrived.

You will be given 100 million in starting funds, and must be able to have at least two chars 1 Hunter, 1 Trader. In the event you leave the clan starting funds must be returned.

The Arachnid is the clan fighter, and you will be given instruction on PVP if you require it and best weapon loadouts, you can pick your own Trade ship, and be given the best Trade routes to earn money for your clan. Members are required to donate 10 million per week to the clan bank ship.

Every new recruit starts as a cadet,and you can rise up through the ranks, to the giddy heights of Vice Commander.

Cadet 100 kills 5 Missions
Lance Corporal G1 400 kills 10 missions
Lance Corporal G2 850 kills 15 misions
Lance Corporal G3 1100 kills 20 missions
Corporal 2000 kills 25 Missions
Sergeant 4000 kills 30 missions
Master Sergeant 5100 kills 35 missions
Lieutenant 6250 kills 40 missions
Captain 7000 kills 45 missions
General 8500 kills 50 missions
Vice Commander 10,000 kills and a vote from the Emperor and Commander
(screenshots required for proof of achievement)

We intend to stay on the DS9 server for as long as it remains, members will be given incentives on gaining ranks and a rank badge to go with it.

All we require from you is dedication, loyalty and time, willing to work hard for the clan and to promote it when possible. Uphold the DS9 server and clan rules. And take an active role on the forum. Remember it's your clan as well.

You should follow orders from your superiors and any disputes should be put through the chain of command.

We want quality in our members, we will develope your skills and give you all the help you need to become a valuable member of the Blood Angels.

So if you feel you have got what it takes to be a Blood Angel visit The forum here and apply to become a member of the dread Blood Angels.
Come and join the fun.

Visit our website here

Thankyou, Emperor CL


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