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starship clan is recruiting

hello i am starship_slayer a high ranking member of the starship clan
here r our details:

We are a police clan that has no tolerance for noob killers and pirate taxing. Our mission is to make Sirius a safer place and to ensure the continuation of the Vanguard Federation community by protecting those new to the game or the Vanguard 1 server. We will stop pirating, smuggling, and any other criminal behavior but we wont attack you just for having the [X tag as some players use it in there name but are just smugglers.


We will kill any pirate taxers on sight. We will give no warning and we might even call in other members or police to help. We will not kill clans who tax in there system. The system tax will be payed and the Starship that entered the system will not put up a fight. If a Starship does not pay tax inform a member thats in a high rank so they can be dealt with.

Noob Killing

WE WILL NEVER KILL A NOOB unless they attack first. If they do attack first we will give them a verbal warning. If they fail to listen we will take down there shields. If they still persist we will destroy them. Noob killers will be shot on sight without warning. We will take a screenshot and also announce you on the forum.


If we catch a smuggler at level 20 while they are carrying contraband(cardmine or artifacts) we will give them the option to be destroyed or buy a 100,000 credit Traders Pass. It is a role play pass that allows the smuggler to "sell to the police" for 48 hours and we will not stop them. After the police collect all the contraband they will load it into an automated cargo ship and fly it into the sun to destroy it forever. This is all roleplay of course so just bare with us please.

Code of Conduct

1. We will never cuss or insult other players

2. We will never attack ANYONE without a reason

3. We will remain calm at all times (that includes when someone may be insulting or three deathing us)

4. If we are three deathed we will leave without question or complaint.

IF you fail to follow these basic rules you will....

First: be demoted one postion if you can be and be talked to by Scimitar(the leader)

Second: Get a black mark on your record

Third: Be removed from the clan

Just like with the npc characters we take bribes to wipe the record clear until you do it again. The amount of credits will be different for what you have done...

If you are under level 20 you will not be stopped but you will still be listed


Traders Pass

The Traders Pass allows the buyer to trade anything from one place to another without being stopped by our clan. The pass is only necessary for smugglers. They have three choices, drop the cargo, buy a pass to role-play to sell to the police, or be blown up. The player who is carrying contraband and has bought a pass will not be stopped for 48 hours, but the pass does not protect them from space pirates or other police clans. The Traders Pass only costs 100,000 credits. After all if a player is carrying contraband they could make tons more then that in a few minutes. This new feature has been made to take a fair point of view towards smugglers rather than just shooting them on sight. This way we get a small amount of your profit and the player who purchased it may continue to trade.


Starship_Stations are the Starship's stores, banks, and trader characters. If anyone shoots them they will be added to the criminal list unless you pay a fine of 2 million credits. Destroying one of these characters is a serious offense to us. They are armed only for defense and will not strike first. They will not participate in hunting players on the criminals list.

anyone interested please post here or at the following adress