Post Sat Apr 07, 2007 12:33 pm

=VGF= Evolutions 129.17 server is a go!

=VGF= is a multi-gaming clan that just setup it's own 24/7 Freelancer Evolutions server up and running. Our Mission is to create a fairly stable server running the 129.17 Mod ,made by Pathfinderstudios, in North America. Me and some of my clan mates have been playing Freelancer since it's inception and just can't put it down for long.

I'm passing on the word ,to who ever still plays this mod, to stop by our server and say hi. We are somewhat new to the scene as a clan and sure would like the company and the advice of veteran operators.

So bring your clans, bring you friends, bring your family, bring a grilled cheese sandwich, we don't care, Just bring it!

Hope to see you all spacing, Oglevi Wyshunker!!!!

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