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The YMER Pirates Clan

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Post Wed Apr 04, 2007 12:35 pm

The YMER Pirates Clan

Intro (OOC)
The Old Norse and Swedish Mythology are rather fascinating. The ones acquainted with the world of Tolkien (Lord Of The Rings) can to some extent recognize themselves when dealing with this mythology. For uniqueness, the YMER Clan itself has adopted both, Norse and Swedish Mythology and a mixture of the myths, including the associated names builds our story. The full YMER story can be read on the YMER Clan Site and in The YMER history book.

About the YMER Clan
The YMER Clan is not your average clan. Joining us means joining a family of true Pirates in heart and soul. We find that a Clan should add more gameplay and great fun for its members. We give you a reason to be in space and a variety in the things you can or should do. We give you a challenge and the opportunity to grow up to the highest ranks of our clan.
The YMER clan is located in New London. We name it YMER space because we own this system and have our own system rules. Our home base is Trafalgar. But we are not alone in this big and beautiful system. Currently Planet New London and Canterbury Station are already let.
For those of you looking for a new home; we still have a few bases to let (PM ODEN if you are interested).

Why the YMER clan?
Within the YMER clan you have fun, amuse yourself with space exploration, trading, missions, PvP (KOS kills or training), etc. and while doing that you grow in rank. Once you reached the rank of Killer/Trader, you can join one of our YMER Squads if you would like. But if you really think that you can manage the challenge then you can (try to) become an YMER Squad Leader and lead your own YMER Squad. Your next challenge may then be YMER Captain, leading your YMER Squad leaders. The ultimate challenge is to become an YMER Commander and lead the YMER clan next to ODEN.
In case you didn’t know… the YMER Ranking System is also on our Clan site. Before you would think that these goals are unreachable then keep in mind that also YMER Commander ODEN was bounded to these rules.
Note: The first rank is mandatory but should be easy to reach! Earned ranks are kept for life as long as the member will respect our rules.

YMER Communication
Communication is very important therefore the YMER clan communicates often via different channels. This can be via email, PM, MSN, our TeamSpeak room or via our own YMER Clan Forum.

The YMER Forum
- The YMER forum informs you, as a member of the YMER clan, of upcoming event’s, changes, praises and above all … classified and non classified clan information. This section is visible for YMER clan members.
- Allies may find a special Ally board which they can use to communicate to us, or to their own clan members. If an YMER Ally should not yet have their own Forum yet then they are free to use this special Ally board as their own (limited) Clan forum. This section is visible for our Allies.
- On the Visitors board you may find the welcome, clan rules, sign-up (please do so) and general sections. Very interesting to read for everybody is ‘The YMER History Book’ which tells our YMER clan story so far. This ‘book’ is updated often so make sure to visit the YMER Clan forum regular.
So, hurry to our Clan Forum and register!

Want to join?
Players who would like to join the YMER clan should be True Pirates (only played as Pirate before). Are you a true Pirate? This is what we expect from you before you ask us to join:
-You must have a character with at least rank 60 on the DS9 server.
-You must complete your personal Quest (given by ODEN).
-You should be willing to work on your YMER rank and with that on the reputation of the YMER clan.

On our YMER Clan site, under the Rules Section, you will find our complete hiring rules. We also offer the usual stuff like money, ships, shields, weapons, training, etc. but above all... A 'home' between the God's of YMER .

Join now!
Send a PM, email to email or sign up via the YMER Clan Forum!

-= The excitement of the Freelancer game starts here =-

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Post Mon Apr 30, 2007 5:00 pm

My dear Gods and visiting mortals,

This will become the biggest contest ever in the history of the YMER clan!

The goal: Design new templates for the YMER Signature’s and Avatar’s

Requirements for the design:
1. It should reflect the style of YMER (more or less –> unless the design is so good that we will redesign the complete YMER style for it).
2. It should have a very high ‘wow’-effect (= a professional look).
3. The Signature should have some space for the: Member his name, rank(s) and sign(s).
4. The Avatar should have some space for the name.

Start of the contest: The contest will start from the moment that we have at least 5 participants and will have a duration of 2 months. During these 2 months the participants may post their draft designs in their own private space (invisible to the other participants) on the YMER forum for feedback. This feedback may help them to improve their final designs and get a better chance to win this contest.

After the 2 months the Gods of YMER will start to vote for the best design. ODEN will announce the winner of this contest one week after.

The first prize:,- !!! credits
+ 500.000.000,- !! if it could convince us to redesign the complete YMER style

The second and third prize:
250.000.000,- credits

The fourth an fifth prize:
100.000.000,- credits

All participants will also be recognized for their work in the YMER history book.

- Anyone submitting a design as part of this contest certifies and warrants YMER that he/she is the exclusive and sole author and that it does not directly or indirectly breach the rights of any third party. ALL rights of the winning designs will be transferred to the YMER clan.

- Although all participants are equal in this contest and will be treated with the same respect I would expect some Pirates, Mercs, Civs or freelancers to join this contest too. C’mon guys! Show us that you can compete on another level with your opponents . We know that there are some great graphical design wizards out there. Sign-up for this contest, win more then 2 billion credits and become the one who designed the new YMER style.

- If you know someone who is interested but who does not play FL or any other game then let them register on our forum (here) and then join the contests (the price then goes to you). His or her name will then be honored in our history.

Good luck to all!


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