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mandalore warriors allaince the clan 4 u?

hello i am jackalex and i am a member of the mandalore warriors allaince
We're an independant clan, mainly mercs who have joined together to keep trouble out of their space.

- The Merc part act as Mercs, of course, and if a high ranking member is doing missions for some1, he can call lower class members and they have to help. Services are now dependent on level of the client. It used to be otherwise, but this is more fair. Clan Members, check the clan chat room.
- I have enough members on the forum so I'll ask for a chat room. In this I will have the two trade routes I foud. I'm not declairing them openly.

- There are three police groups: Alpha Beta and Gamma

- Alpha: Patrol Jump gates and neighbouring systems

- Beta: Patrol Jump Holes and pirate bases

- Gamma: Patrol bases and protect any planets in the system as well as act as escort for traders

we have Kyushu,

The following rules must be followed:

- Pirates are not to be bothered with unless they enter Kyushu system we will When they do that they are KoS. Mandalore does not wish for its space to be littered with raids and corruption.

- Any1 who enters the system must be told to wait for you at the hole/gate they claim to have come out. The police (depending on whether its a gate or hole and whether or not a member of the other police group is on) in group Alpha and Beta will then ask whether they are enemy with Kusiari police, naval forces, Samura or Kishiro. If they are, they are to leave. If not, they are to be escorted to their destination. When they take off, they are to be escorted out. Anyone who lies about their alligienge to Kusari will be shot. If they appear back in the system, they are to be hunted and 3 deathed.

- All members must be at least neutral with Kusari Police, Naval forces, samura and Kishiro. This would make life musch easier.

(char names will be [Mand<Name>[TAG-JOB-

Promotions and demotions are availiable within the clan. The first members would get first priority at un-alterable command ranks. Role Play Rank premotions will be given depending on how well the person works. These are the following ranks:

-Police (the number of your char e.g. G-TWO- is not to do with rank, just the time u spent in my clan, plus it is easier to name ppl):

1) Officer -LV 1
2) Seargent -LV2
3) Enforcer (Made this rank up ) -LV3
4) Ensign -LV4
5) Leutenant -LV5
6) Commander -LV8
7) Captain -LV10


1) Mercinary -LV1
2) Stalker -LV3
3) Hunter -LV5
4) Slayer -LV8
5) Master Merc -LV10


1) Dealer -LV2
2) Trader -LV3
3) Merchant -LV4
4) Master Trader -LV6
5) Master Merchant -LV8

-Heavy Traders:

1) Supplier -LV1
2) Heavy Trader -LV5
3) Head Trader -LV10

The Following ranks cannot be altered and are 1st come 1st serve.

-Mnad'alore (Clan Leader) - Me
-Police leader (of any police)
-Merc Commander and Lieutenant
-Trader manager and Heavy Trader Leader.

anyone interested in joining contact our leader
all u have to do is get an account on the forum site and send a message to him see ya in space