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Join the Empire

Join The Empire Today
Why chose the empire?

Cutting edge starships give you the chance to fly the most advanced machines in the galaxy.

Top-rated acadamies and training programs get you to the action fast.

Earn your spot in some of the most decorated squadrons and flights in history.

Do your part and restore order and justice to the Galaxy.

To join the Empire today, please contact Reylan Denov to join.
All submissions should include the following for each character desired:
Character Name:
Character Sex:
Character Age:
Character Description:
Desired Branch: Starfleet or Starfighter Corps
Desired In-Game Name:

Please register at our forums and Download all server related files from
Click here
The Freeworlds USA server is back in full swing with a new release, continuing the development of one of the most extensive Star Wars conversion mods for the Freelancer game. Nearly every aspect of the game has modified to give you an overwhelming feeling of immersion into the Star Wars universe as you play along side a dedicated community of roleplayers. Set off on an adventure, develop a character and explore the Star Wars universe. Join one of our player factions, such as the Corellian Alliance, New Republic, Imperial Remnant or Black Nebula. Become a smuggler, escort your allies, raid enemy shipping convoys and take part in fleet engagements in many different systems that you will surely recognize. With over 250 unique player-flyable Star Wars ships, 22 systems, an extensive economy and a PVP arena, there is plenty to explore. Our server operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a dedicated game server to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. Visit our Forums at Click hereand check out the Server Files and Information section to join in the fun.

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