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Your Clan/Group Strategy and Tactics

Here you can discuss clans and advertise for new members

Post Mon Aug 28, 2006 1:39 am

Your Clan/Group Strategy and Tactics

Maybe there's a same thread like mine, but since I haven't found it, I have the privilege to write one

Here it goes:

I see many players tend to organize themselves and bound together, forming what we know as a "clan" (a group which is consist of three or more players with the same background to achieve the same goal too).

What I want to know is: since there are so many clans and they have at least beaten one other clan, I'm just wondering what kind of tactics did you use. Of course, you have the right not spoil the whole tactics you use ( and I can't spoil mine... that would mean "backstabbing my own compadres" )

Here's the brief explanation about my little sub-clan:
Clan/Group: CeuyLancers (originally from Indonesia, Jakarta)
Sub-Clan: [SkyAngels

CeuyLancers consist of around 30 people with the same background, Biotechnology, because we're still studying Biotech in our beloved university
As me and my friends introduced Freelancer to our faculty, many join the offline server located in my friend's residence.
Until now, the clan just got bigger and we think it's not a clan anymore... it's a community! So we divided into some sub-clans.

[SkyAngels was formed by my friend, that is, Vahn_Toth (the poor boy who got demonstrated by my Titan setup ). Our intention is to accept fellow newbies and give them lots of Freelancer knowledge. That's all. If they have become good enough in Freelancing, they are good to go to be released into the space, whether being alone or joining the other sub-clan or sticking with us.

For now, our main purpose is to offer the newbies a safe heaven in Bretonia and battle experiences, including friendly sparing and co-working on a mission. Still, Corsairs can beat 'em easily but I do believe, they can counter Corsairs alone in the future.

Basic Tactics:
Our sub-clan are composed of Corsair ships.
3 Legionnaires as Hit and Run units (they use Catapult and Borroco),
2 Titans (me and my friend el_Cid) as Shield Buster Units.

and 2 Drome Traders plus 2 Centurion Escorts for sustaining the money flow for *cough* newbies .

That's all for now from SkyAngels.

Two questions before I receive further replies.....
1. Is there any similar Thread to mine?
2. Is it ethical to write down and spoil the opposing forces' tactics?


Smuggler no more... I have joined the [SkyAngels... what Angels? We're out in space, not sky!

Post Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:32 am

I'm afraid this falls under the heading of Multi player or clan forum and will be moved there shortly.

Post Mon Aug 28, 2006 11:18 pm

Ah yes.. thx Q, Moderator.

Well, I don't really know where to put, because this thread contains spoilers (well, tactics discussions and opposing force's tactics), and a little bit of Clan advertising.

Well, if this is the place for the thread, so be it


Smuggler no more... I have joined the [SkyAngels... what Angels? We're out in space, not sky!

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