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Brotherhood Of Shadows:

Brotherhood Of Shadows:

My name is Whisper and I have a proposition for you.

I've begun building a clan in the Hunters Association Community, which consists of 4 diff. servers. My clan will be operating on both the HA5 vanilla server and the HA1 Hunters Mk2 Modded server.
I'm looking for recruits that both understand and participate in online RP. And have the ability to treat each character as a diff. individual. PvP skills and an understanding of the Sirius Sector would be appreciated, but can always be learned after joining. We're building from the ground up and I need players who aren't afraid to work a little, once we establish ourselves we can look at offering a recruitment bonus (weapon&credits).
Once a member has built their own ship (in order to prove their not a scammer), they will be allowed to withdraw weapons and credits from our bank ships. This is done with the understanding that they will also deposit weaps and credits, in order to support the stability of the clan. We're fairly neutral to other criminal clans, but if they interfere with our business.....we crush them. Police and military clans will be dealt with in a most violent fashion if caught snooping and "Traders" are nothing but cattle and our [SG will cut the herd as needed. While our [ S characters smuggle and our [SG perform extortion, any [B.O.S. member my carry out a "Server Bounty" if they have the skill to do so.

About the Clans RP:
We are classed as criminals for the acts of Smuggling, Piracy and Assassination.
Smuggling - Transport and sale of contraband.
Piracy - Extorting credits from others by force of arms.
Assassination - Killing other players for cold hard creds.
(Yes we've got our hands in everything lol)

Code of the Brotherhood

Background of the Clan

The Clans Prefix is = [ B.O.S. YourNameHere

Our sub-clan Suffix:
[S <example> [B.O.S.YourName[S = Smuggler
[SG <example> [B.O.S.YourName[SG = Shadow Guard, the militant branch of the clan.

The tag brackets have been altered to avoid being interpreted as code.
The actual tag would have this "[" on both sides.

If you are interested in joining you can reach me at one of the following forum.

Gaming Coalition

Or if you have Xfire.

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