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Xeno RPG clan needs you...

Hi there, The Xeno Underground Movement faction on the Asgard RPG server are looking for new blood! If you are a role-player looking for a new home, on a great mod, with a brilliant community please come and join!

The Xeno's are a new clan on Asgard, stressing role-play over PvP, though that doesn't mean we won't fight to defend Liberty from the corrupt Liberty Elite! Below is our recruitment post on the Asgard Forum, it gives you a little taste of what I am meaning, and our role-play direction. Our faction document on the Asgard forum will give you the rest of the story, you can view that here:

If you would like to know more please contact me (PM) on the Asgard Forum @

I look forward to hearing from you!


Why does it have to be this way?

Sound familar?

What is happening in Liberty?

Is this your story too? Valued worker of 'Liberty'?

The Xenos can give you and your family a place to rebuild, bring your skills to us and we will house, feed and cloth you and your family. Liberty does not care about you but the Xenos do. Help us turn Liberty around, back on track to the large prosperous nation it once was.

We will look after all but currently need more skilled people in these areas:

Engine Specialists
Environmental engineers
Freighter Pilots
Fighter Pilots
General engineers
Weapon Specialists

We never turn the unskilled away, there is always a place for those wanting to strike back or find a better life for their families.

Join the Xeno Underground Movement today and you will receive assistance up to the value of 5 million credits to help set you and your family up on Ouray station. Should you be a Frieghter or Fighter pilot assitance maybe given to help outfit any vessel you may bring to help defend the Xeno Nation, the true founders and owners of Liberty.

Remember we made Liberty great, then the 'elite' discarded us to live off it's bounty. Now it's time to demand repartiation - we need you and can help you an your family look towards a better future.

For further information feel free to contact me in game or via PM. (on the Asgard forum)

Liberty's future is in your hands.

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