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[LC) / Legion Condor - currently recruiting

Legion Condor is a bomber squadron, a unit of the Rheinland air force, also called 'Luftwaffe' that was used during the Sirius - WWVI.
It was unstoppable because of the unique tactic and formation of the squadron.
The squadron became independent and started to act for their own business, also called space pirates.
The special of this squadron is that we lead no ranking system, each member is equalized and becomes the experience to interact into the battle with his full potential.

We lead no reputation system, we choose our alliances and enemies during the depending situation.
Each member is looked at as entire and is treated therefore with respect.
Any non approved player using the [LC) tag without permission on ANY server will be punished!

Sign Up link'age:


1. Respect all clan members.
2. Respect other players on any server or ignore them.
3. Abusive behaviour such as insulting is not allowed.
4. Use of F1 to avoid a critical situation is forbidden.
5. Use of the gate warp bug is not allowed.
6. Hiding in the dock gate is not allowed.
7. Cheating of any kind is forbidden.
8. Use of nanobots and batteries is only allowed if the opponent use it first or against NPC's.
9. Idling in the character select screen is not permitted.
10. While playing keep your ping down and do not download any pr0n...
11. Do not abuse the RP on any roleplay server.
12. Please be honorable and do not kill any player in a Starflier or a weak ship, except special situations.
13. Any [LC) tagged character is allowed to use any RP tag except the [H) = Hunter and [R) = Rogue tags.

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