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The Defenders Federation -TDF[-

The Defenders Federation.

Hello Lancers Reactor and the Freelancer Community.

Iam Vice Admiral Viper and along with Admiral Black-Hawk and Fleet Admiral Immortal Death we are rebuilding The Defenders Federation.

Many years have passed, evil still roam Sirius, unchallenged, unchecked spreading fear and chaos as they go. We have returned to Sirius once more to bring order and liberty to all of Sirius, to uproot all evil and crush it in one swift blow.

Without Fear, Favor of hope of Reward is the motto we all live and dieby, no sacrifice is to big or to small, no enemy is invincible and no Friend will stand alone. You can stand shoulder to shoulder with us or suffer the full might of TDF. Through discipline and Honor we achieve our goals. We dominated the pirate factions (Guardians) (FH), resisted [MC and (MG), we will continue our struggle with Evil, no matter where Evil appears TDF will be there. We will never give up and bow before Evil.

We will no longer accept the streams of Drugs and other contraband into the core-systems.
We are the Law, as we grow our resistance of evil will turn into domination of you.

To our friends and allies, stand with us. Support us and we will support you, we will achieve more if we unite as one force. Evil’s days in Sirius are now numbered, time for you all to choose your side…. and fight.

The war for Peace, Freedom, and Security, still continues.

. TDF is a law clan from the GOI (getonit) server and are currently seeking new members, pilots with skill to help us continue our war with Pirate factions that are taking over the server

TDF is 3 years old and have servered on [MCFP7 Landsdale and now our new home on GOI. We have a lot of skill in our ranks but need some more good fighters for our system battles.

Download the following TDF recruitment Video and pop in to our forums.
TDF Forums: