Post Thu Jun 15, 2006 5:48 pm

Blood Brothers Looking for new warriors!

Hello everyone. I am the Whitedevil. Commander of the mercenary clan known as the Blood Brothers. We operate on the server known as RAW and we are currently seeking new warriors to join our rightfull cause.....PROFIT!

For those who do not know, RAW is one of the oldest of the 24/7 servers and has some of the best anti-mod security to exist. We also have an army of "Judges" who use special ships to protect our server from any modders that get through our firewalls.

My family's existance is to make sure everyone is happy, for the right price. Membership inculdes combat training, diplomacy skills (to get more money for the job), startegy training and.....if you are good enough, officer training.

Though our clan is heading for it's 1 year birthday we have had to move our forums so they are still very new. I invite all interested in joining the greatest servers, greatest mercs to come visit our various websites at and ... /index.htm. I hope to see all of you soon .

Remember "Blood is thicker then Water"