Post Tue Jun 13, 2006 10:45 am


Thought I'd put up a little something about my clan...

Name: Hive

Affiliation: Pirate

Tag: [Hive We use additions depending on the purpose of the account; battleships are [Hive-ISB, for example.

Age: A little over a year

Current membership: Three definite, plus three who might honour promises made...

Clan forum:

Server: Solaris Evolutions 2.90 (currently offline)

History: Hive has its roots in a Valebridge-based clan named [E.L. When Valebridge shut down, they moved to a little server called Wireplay, which was also where the two central players of what would be Hive were recruited - myself and Subarusebb.
To cut a long story short, [E.L disbanded due to lack of interest from the veterans, and both I and Sebb were attracted over to the Nima 2.29 server. Some freelancing later, and we decided to set up the clan again.
I wasn't happy with the idea of using the old [E.L tag, though. It wasn't really our clan, after all...
Some brainstorming later, and a few too many viewings of Alien later, and Hive was born.
Since the shut-down of Nima, we've moved to Solaris Evolutions where we are just about to help beta test the new 2.90 mod.

So how are we different? In my limited experience, there are few clans out there who really take RP-ing to a respectable level, willing to attack the biggest Hunter clan on the server despite being the smallest clan... and not doing too badly, either. Hive may not be sizeable at the moment, but we've earned a lot of respect along the way.

So effectively, if you're looking for a clan that likes playing the RP game to the extreme, can take a few risks... give our forums a visit.

And don't worry. You don't have to be an Alien fanatic...

It just helps.