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Genesis Knights recruting Freelancer players =)

GK is a self-financing game community of around 200 members. Our largest single game is ENEMY TERRITORY but we are active in other games as well. Membership is by invitation/application with criteria depending on how crowded the game you want to join is already.

The Genesis Knights Multi game Clan was started March 2004 by Darkstar after he left the Star Trek Gaming Community after it died a death. Darkstar wanted to make a multi game clan of considerable servers and game divisions. Also a multi national community of gamers

The idea of the clan was to make a massive online playground for gamers to play in competitive matches or for fun, with the choice of many quality servers to use.

We started off by concentrating on Star Wars & Star Trek gaming then quickly moving into the military gaming community.

Enemy territory and Americas Army were soon added to games like Bridge Commander, Jedi Academy, Star Wars Galaxies, The Armada Series, Star Fleet Command Series & Elite Force Series.

We quickly grew into a strong clan with good foundations and primarily concentrated on military gaming and Star Wars Gaming whilst retaining Bridge Commander. We will always support all Trek games but not in the same way until they develop some high quality games.

We reward people for activity on the forums and within the =GK= community, each division is now run by one person who builds his or her team around them.

The clan now is one of the most active in the gaming community.

We have just begun a freelancer division and we are looking for active, dedicated members. We are not a full out role play clan[as in fan fiction as we play for the fun of the game but we will have server roles such as police, navy members, pirates etc. If you wish to join[which i hope you do go to this site
Visit the forums and post a join request. Your application will be evaluated and accepted if you meet the requirements.
And we have a minimum age limit of 15 but this is not harshly applied because if we feel you are mature enough you will be allowed into the clan.
Hope to see many of you soon.


Btw can this be put on the main site like the other ones which i have seen there? Thanks admins.

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