Post Tue May 23, 2006 3:58 pm

Clans and Players Needed!

Hello TLR!

I wish to cordially invite all of you clans and players, especially those of you looking for a home, to consider joining us at the Phoenix RPG Server, running the Phoenix RPG Mod 1.91.

Why do you want to join our server?

Well, if you're a clan, especially a clan somewhat based around a Freelancer faction, then this is for YOU! We have two types of player groups at Phoenix: clans, and factions. Factions are actual PC versions of the in-game NPC factions. These groups get huge advantages such as weekly payment, building stations, faction cache ships, faction fighters and (in some cases) capital ships, faction weapons and equipment, and faction-exclusive commodities.

Our clans are regular groups of players not synonomous with an NPC faction. These organizations don't get paid, but they recieve just about all of the other items listed above.

And if you're a solo player, come make an organization or join one of our awesome current groups:

- House Liberty
- House Rheinland
- House Kusari
- Bretonian Republic
- Lane Hackers
- Hispania Liberation Front
- Sirius Rangers
- Orbital Spa and Cruise

Plus, we have an amazing mod, great community, and some awesome roleplay going on at all times. We need mature, experianced roleplayers and people new to Freelancer and/or roleplaying alike.

So come check out our forums and drop by to visit our server sometime real soon!