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Grumpy Old Men (GoM) recruiting for Tekagis Teasure

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Post Tue May 16, 2006 6:10 pm

Grumpy Old Men (GoM) recruiting for Tekagis Teasure

Grumpy Old Men are recruiting for their clan on Tekagis Teasure(TT) at U can reach us via a posting in tekagis forum or down load the mod and play to see if ya like the mod 1st and then PM one of us in game. TT is a unique and inovative Role Playing (RP) mod with 100+ systems to explore including a sleeper route back to earth, multiple and creative ship variations, armor upgrades, new weapons, enormous amount of new NPC factions and many exciting clans of which to choose from. This mod has taken a unique approach to RP where it has divided up the RP into 4 groupings with individual clans opperating within these subdivisions. The four classes/gluids are Hunter, Pirate, Killers and Mercenary (Merc being like the freelancer so to speak in my oppinion of this mod). These subdivisions are represented by licenses that each individual carries mounted on their ships. In the beggining for those that are undetermined as to what they choose to be can fly with a basic license until they choose what RP roll they choose to take part of. I can be found in game as GoM.Odin_Valhalla. I encourage anyone to take a look at TT and feel free to ask me or any other GoM in the game questions. GoM flies under the Hunters Crest and Roll plays in this fashion. Even if you are not intersted in being GoM there are other clans to choose from and a place for everbody. Please come and enjoy all that TT has to offer.
Kind Regards,

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Post Fri Jun 30, 2006 7:42 am

GoM and TT are still looking for individuals to join clans and add to the enjoyment of the mod.

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