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sp mission crash: wormhole missing in chokogu

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Post Thu Jul 07, 2005 10:17 am

sp mission crash: wormhole missing in chokogu

Hi i am new here

and at first i want to thank all the ppl who supported this amazing mod and of course the developer

i enjoyed this mod very much and so far.

atm i play it with the storyline and everything worked fine till now.

i use the latest version i could grap and this is 3.4 with the 2.1update and the aten addon.

as far as i played i am now in the chokogu system at the blooddragons base. There is a chapter of the storyline. The critical mission is to go to Tohuko System to get the "protius (????)" tome from Takaki.
The big problem is that the jumphole to Tohuko is missing !!!! In the storyline you are lead to the waypoint and the graphic of the jumphole appeares but i am not able to use it (docking not allowed). I looked it up in FL-Datastorm and saw that it is completely missing.

any i des how to fix that? - maybe it has something to do with the aten mod?

is here anybody who played 3.4 with the storymod up to the end?

Post Thu Jul 07, 2005 10:57 am

Welcome to TLR HAMERgit, you are correct in that it's the atten addon,someone renamed the wormhole and forgot to rename it in the missions.To fix it de-activate the mod in FLMM then use flmm's restore backup tool,now use the option go to the mod folder.Once there select the atten folder and go Data\Universe\Systems\Ku06.In here you'll find one file "Ku06.ini" open it with notepad,and search for this line:-

nickname = Ku07_hole

replace it with:-


Now move down several lines to this one:-

goto = Ku07, Ku06_hole, gate_tunnel_bretonia

and swap it with:-

goto=Ku07, Ku07_to_Ku06_hole, gate_tunnel_bretonia

Now select the file dropdown menu and choose "save as",then change the file type from txt to all files,and overwrite the old file.You should now be able to dock with the wormhole,any problems let us know and either myself or the mod makers will try and help.

**shuffles of with a new headache**

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